Why Don’t Customers Trust Your Business?

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why customers don't trust you

Why Is Customer Trust Important?

Successful businesses can’t be made without satisfied, trusting customers. Why is customer trust important? It’s vital for them to be confident in your business practices so that you can retain their business—attracting new clientele is important, but retaining them is even more imperative. Establishing a loyal band of customers will all but guarantee you a steady flow of business, and work to promote your business to other potential consumers.
why customers don't trust you


4 Reasons Why Customers Don’t Trust You

Your Products/Services Don’t Work as Promised

The top reason why customers don’t trust you is that your product or service doesn’t deliver. Customers place a certain amount of trust in you when they purchase your product/service, and will feel lied to and betrayed when it doesn’t work as promised. Be careful to not have your marketing materials embellish the truth—only promise what you can actually deliver to avoid the disappointment of consumers after they make a purchase, and to gain customer trust.

You Don’t Answer Customer Calls

If customers are calling you, that probably means they have a burning question or concern. If you aren’t there to answer their call, it’ll present your company and brand as not dependable, and inconsistent. Customers whose calls so unanswered will be unlikely to re-purchase, since now they know there’s little or no support available for consumes. This will cause them to lose confidence and trust in you, and choose one of your competitors the next time around.

You Aren’t Communicative

Even if you have nothing to hide, if you’re not 100% willing to share information with your customers and be transparent, they’ll get the impression that you have something to hide and lose their trust in you. Be communicative with your customers to maintain a trustworthy brand image.

Your Customer Support Agents Are not Customer-Focused

Customers can sense when representatives have an attitude or are impatient and in a rush, even over the phone or by e-mail. Your inbound call center services have a lot to do with how much a customer trusts you, since customer service has the potential to make or break a customer relationship. Things like language and communication used during their interaction can have an impact on the consumer’s level of trust—regardless of whether they receive a solution to their problem or not, they’ll remember how they were treated by your employees.

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