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3C’s Values

Focus on Customers

When you work with 3C, you aren’t just a client; you are a partner. And when you’re a partner, you receive only the best outsourced call center solutions.

3C has built a reputation on our consistency in exceeding our clients’ expectations.

An Ethical Approach

Being honest and being ethical are two of the foremost strategies for success in business. 3C takes pride in taking an honest and transparent approach with our valued partners. With over 30 years of experience in the outsourcing business, being honest and ethical has served 3C well.

3C’s Business Process Transition team has made it our goal to improve and sustain a high level of business excellence for 3C’s clients.

We Value Business Excellence

At 3C, we strive to be the best provider of third-party outsourcing. Our commitment to our Business Excellence Charter is evident in every service we provide to our valued clients, including:

Organization-Wide “Excellence” Custodian

  • Ensure a smooth transition process
  • Provide regular updates on the state of projects
  • Consistently offer a high level of service for our clients

The Organization’s Conscience-Keeper

  • Provide internal audits from our in-house quality team
  • Ensure strict adherence to operations methodologies
  • Perform risk-management assessments
  • Ensure corporate controls are in place

Improvement and Innovation Initiative Management

  • Implementation of small automation projects
  • An innovative, personalized approach to customer service that seeks to get to the root of any issues
  • Outbound agents that take initiative and approach clients they deem to be the best prospects

Perception-Management Processes Owner

  • Secure clients through the use of best business practices
  • Work hard to ensure that customers, both internal and external, are 100% satisfied
  • 3C constantly compares our business practices to our competitors’ and strives to exceed them (i.e. benchmarking)

Operations Quality Overseer

  • Ensure that there is as little background noise as possible for easy-to-understand conversations
  • Adhere to top-quality services and service-level agreements
  • Stick to contractual metrics and reporting

Build a Client’s Brand Excellence

3C nurtures strong leadership and methods to build a strong reputation, such as contributing articles and trade white papers related to our industry