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About Us

3C Contact Services Is a Powerful Force for All of Your Needs

3C Contact Services can provide tailored inbound and outbound solutions while improving profitability, increasing market share, and maximizing your understanding of your customer relationships. 3C’s customizable solutions are the answer to upselling and cross-selling your products the way you want. We specialize in understanding behaviors that can prevent a successful sale and excel at deepening existing customer relationships with upselling and cross-selling techniques.

We have a dedicated and well-trained cadre of customer support specialists who are able to consistently provide excellent services, delivered in a timely and cost-effective manner.

We provide state-of-the-art contact center solutions designed to provide our clients with the greatest level of support in the following areas:

  • Customer Service
  • Customer Care
  • Custom Political Campaigns
  • Financial Publishing Sales & Support
  • Health Publishing Sales & Support
  • B2B/B2C
  • Quality Assurance Programs
  • Crisis Management
  • E-Mail Management
  • Customer Retention
  • Billing Explanations & General Assistance

Whatever a client’s goals, 3C Contact Services will execute the right solution.

3C’s Vision, Goal, and Values

3C’s Vision

3C strives to be a world leader in providing our clients with outsourcing solutions that take their business to the next level with an innovative approach that is customized to their needs.

3C’s Goal

Transforming our partners into major competitors in their respective industries.

3C’s Values

As part of 3C’s mission to provide the best third-party outsourcing solutions, we have created the following core set of values with the specific purpose of providing the best service to our valued clients:

Focus on Customers

We consider our clients to be our partners. That’s why we offer them the best outsourced call center solutions. 3C has built a reputation on our consistency and exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Commitment to Quality

Our focus is on providing our customers with quality outsourcing solutions. 3C constantly moves forward, utilizing the latest innovations in the industry, improving processes, and most importantly, working as a team.

Empowering Our Clients

Like a good partner, 3C encourages our clients to do everything necessary to succeed in their respective industries. We believe they should take pride in everything from small victories right up to major triumphs.

An Ethical Approach

If you want your business to succeed, you need to be honest and ethical. At 3C, we pride ourselves on being honest and transparent with our valued partners. We feel we should pass this approach on to them.

International Focus

3C sees beyond the North American market and views the world as a potential opportunity. With our diverse staff, we have the utmost respect for other cultures. Our valued employees are given every chance to share opinions, grow in their respective roles, build on their experience, and provide valued contributions to the organization.

Passion in Business

At 3C, we take pride in the work we do with our clients. That’s why we’ve become a leader in the industry; we provide the best third-party call center solutions. When a client approaches us, we won’t stop until they’ve achieved the results they desire.

Long-Term Growth

While 3C has a commitment to expand each client’s business quickly, we also recognize that long-term growth is equally important. That’s why we provide both short- and long-term solutions that are profitable for our clients as well as their customers, employees, shareholders, and more.

The Benefits of Working with 3C

Have a look at our testimonials page for all the satisfied clients who have worked with 3C. But if you were to approach other clients and ask them why they chose us and continue to work with us, these are just a few of the reasons they would offer:

  • 3C delivers superior customer service
  • Year after year, our clients rank us as the best in providing satisfaction in every aspect of our operation
  • 3C is very flexible when it comes to our individual clients’ needs; we never take a one-size-fits-all approach
  • Our executive and management team prides itself on being available and accessible at all times
  • No matter what your industry, 3C will create a solution that’s ideal for you
  • Industries change; that’s why 3C continuously provides ways to improve your business
  • 3C shares its secrets to success with its partners
  • Our business plans take the simplest yet most effective routes
  • Everyone at 3C is there for our clients, from the employees right up to the management
  • We constantly seek ways to be the best third-party provider for our clients and employer for our workers
  • The market, no matter what the industry, is constantly changing; we offer solutions to meet the ever-changing demands of each client’s market