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How a Call Center Can Help Your Businesses Increase Sales

Steven December 4th, 2017

Call centers are often viewed as a place for customers to interact—and sometimes vent—at a company’s trained service representatives. However, with the proper approach, they can yield far greater rewards. Call centers can be used for a business to increase their sales. 

Ways to Measure Emotion in Customer Experience

Steven November 27th, 2017

The Importance of Measuring Emotions in Customer Experience The benefits of measuring emotions in customer experience cannot be understated. A company that makes its customers feel valued stands to make tremendous gains in terms of brand loyalty and competitiveness. These factors also end up improving profitability through a variety of ways.

How to Improve the Emotional Impact of Your Customer Interactions

Steven November 22nd, 2017

Emotions and their role in providing excellent customer service tends to be an overlooked area. After all, it’s often the unseen qualitative areas that can affect quantitative measures like sales or brand loyalty.   Paying special attention to your emotional connection with your customers can pay huge dividends. This can start a cycle of positive Read the full article…

How Good Product and Service Knowledge Will Help to Improve Customer Service

Steven November 13th, 2017

Friendly, polite customer service agents are always a plus, but one of the other key elements is product knowledge in customer service. Without a thorough understanding of the products or services that they’re supposed to be assisting with, customer support agents won’t be able to properly serve customers. Having good product knowledge in customer service Read the full article…

The Difference Between a Call Center & an Engagement Center

Steven November 8th, 2017

In the world of customer service, the difference between a call center and customer engagement center couldn’t be clearer. However, for those new to the industry or not familiar with the industry language, these terms can seem interchangeable. If you’re not sure what the difference is between a customer engagement vs. a contact center, keep Read the full article…

The Importance of Speed, Accuracy, and Reliability in Customer Service

Steven October 30th, 2017

We’ve discussed before that being polite and providing solutions aren’t the only things that are important in customer service. There are a variety of other things that come into play to create a positive experience for customers. Three of these components are speed, accuracy, and reliability. While each of these are important on their own, Read the full article…

What’s the Importance of Following Up in Customer Service?

Steven October 23rd, 2017

If customer service is even a small part of the industry you work in, then the importance of following up in customer service has likely been ingrained into your mind. Customer service follow ups have the potential to influence a customer’s overall experience with your company, and even affect their outlook on your business practices Read the full article…

Principles of Customer Service Every Business Should Know

Steven October 4th, 2017

You know that customer service is an integral part of any business, but did you know that it entails more than just answering questions, and providing solutions? It takes a wide array of customer service principles and techniques to create a positive experience for customers—but what are the key principles of excellent customer service? Keep Read the full article…

How Asking the Right Questions to Customers Can Help Your Business

Steven October 2nd, 2017

Customer service may seem like a pretty straightforward concept to some, but taking the right steps to execute it is a little more complex than just listening to questions, and spewing out pre-prepared responses. While there aren’t really any wrong questions, there are right ones—and asking the right questions to customers can actually improve their Read the full article…

Customer Acquisition vs. Retention: What Is the Difference?

Steven September 25th, 2017

Customer acquisition vs. retention are terms that are often thrown around in the customer service industry, but what do they actually mean? Is there a difference between customer acquisition and customer retention? The answer is yes, and it’s important to note their differences when figuring out which concept you should turn your attention to. Wondering Read the full article…