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Why Choose Us?

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What does customer service mean to 3C? Customer service is about a tone of voice that is friendly, yet professional. It’s the sense that the service professional is informed, knowledgeable, receptive, responsive, and accurate. At 3C, the customer finds an attitude that is helpful, familiar, understanding, and patient.

In every customer service experience, our friendly and professional agents are conscious that their responsibility does not end with solving the caller’s issue. We work hard to determine the underlying issues while working to identify the true nature of the opportunity presented. Customers are receptive towards our methods, opening up to our honesty and caring attitude.

Our agents are knowledgeable professionals who communicate easily and effectively about your products and services. We are an intelligent, happy, and friendly guide, helping your customers navigate through their concerns while also revealing to them all the added value our clients can provide the customer.

Dedication to Excellence

3C constantly strives to provide the best service for our customers. When our clients come to us for third-party outsourcing solutions, we employ only the best principles in management; namely focusing on their customers, offering stakeholders the best value, and applying an efficient process management.

3C founded our Corporate Business Excellence team in July 2009 with the purpose of improving and sustaining business excellence.

Business Excellence Charter

Organization-Wide “Excellence” Custodian

The Organization’s Conscience-Keeper

Perception-Management Processes Owner

Operations Quality Overseer

Improvement and Innovation Initiative Management

Build a Client’s Brand Excellence

The Building Blocks of Excellence in Business

Comprehensive Assurance

In business, assurance is the top managerial tool to ensure that a comprehensive and consistent system for achieving top quality management is in place, so an organization can always achieve its goals. This can include employing a group to ensure that various aspects of your organization come together to form the framework for an excellent business. It also ensures compliance to good business practices, risk management, and regular audits of practices.

Quality Control Group

3C’s Quality Control Group oversees the day-to-day operations of our organization to ensure that the rigorous quality of business practices that we have built our reputation on is followed. We constantly monitor every facet of our business to make sure that we are operating at optimum strength. This includes a number of services for both ourselves and our clients.

Business Improvement

We constantly strive to improve both our business and our clients. We have a group that is dedicated to this, focusing on all the key areas of our business while working closely with the members of our team. Even though our team is divided into many segments, they all work closely together to ensure the best quality of service, something we then pass onto our clients.