Promotional Services

Promotional Services

At 3C Contact Services, our customer service representatives are trained to perform top notch back office operations for your company. With a close attention to detail and a penchant for delivering excellent customer service, we can help you grow your business. Back office operations include completing administrative tasks, answering clients’ questions, processing transactions, as well as accurate and efficient data management and entry.

More importantly, back office operations in customer service and sales involves handling customer complaints, finding feasible solutions to their problems, and providing support over the phone, via e-mail, and through live chat interactions.

Customer acquisition, lead qualification, and retention are also important roles that are filled by our call center customer service representatives.

3C’s Event Promotion Service

3C Contact Services’ event promotion services can help alleviate some of the stress of planning a corporate event. We’ll create a custom marketing campaign to advertise your event in all the right places and actively reach out to your target audience. We’ll also streamline and manage customer communications to verify information, regarding corporate events. Sometimes it helps to have multiple sets of eyes and different levels of marketing expertise working on a project together.

Our extensive event promotion services include:

Boost Brand Awareness and Attendance with 3C Contact Services

Telemarketing Communications

Our telemarketing communication options are entirely personalized based on your customers’ preferences. Our courteous, attentive, and informative telemarketing representatives can streamline your communication methods and help you reach out to large numbers of prospective attendees to confirm their interest in your event.

Email Marketing

We use email marketing campaigns to send automated promotional notices, create lists of confirmed and unconfirmed guests, and track all interactions on a single platform. Customers can interact with companies in a private forum while maintaining a reliable digital “paper” trail for future reference.

How 3C’s Event Promotion Services Can Boost Awareness and Attendance

At 3C Contact Services, we view your success as our success. We utilize proven strategic event marketing tactics that ensure your promotional campaign is seen by as many people as possible. Whether you want to focus on attracting attendees on a local, national, or global scale, we can create a custom event promotional campaign that can help you meet your goals.

Our in-depth event promotion service embodies the following basic principles:

Trust Us to Promote Your Event

3C Contact Services is one of the leading event invitation, telemarketing, and promotion companies in North America. Using our extensive list of verified contacts, we can help quickly spread the word about your corporate event to the right people. We take great pride in helping our customers increase their brand, product, and service awareness using a variety of digital and direct marketing strategies. Contact us today to find out why a partnership with 3C is a partnership with success.