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Contact Center Solutions

3C Contact Services Is the Solution to Help Your Business Function Smoothly

3C Contact Services understands that your customers need access to efficient, effective problem solving for any issues that arise. Whatever the concern, you can run your business with peace of mind, knowing that we will respond quickly and provide a world-class experience.

You can focus on the rest of your business, knowing that your customers and their needs are in good hands.

3C Contact Services Offers Support at Multiple Service Levels

  • Level 1: Solutions to standard problems through proven processes
  • Level 2: Addressing more complex problems through guidance by e-mail and phone; problem resolution through advanced techniques
  • Level 3: High-level support for atypical and critical cases

3C Customer Services

  • New Product/Service Sales/Subscriptions (With Cross-Sell/Upsell Options)
  • Billing Explanations or Payment Applications
  • Technical Assistance
  • Problem Solving/Complaint Handling
  • Proactive Welcome Calls, Satisfaction Checkups, Contract Anniversaries, and More!

3C Sales Services

  • Lead Generation and Appointment Scheduling
  • Data Verification Services
  • Cross-Selling and Upselling
  • Customer Retention and Loyalty Management
  • Winback Programs, Surveys, and More!

We understand that it can cost a significantly greater amount of money to attract new customers than to retain existing ones. This is why we put so much energy and focus into building long-lasting relationships. Listening to and understanding your customers is the underlying principle that form the foundation of our success. We also understand that customer care can be one of many items on your budget; the challenge, then, is to juggle various business costs while providing best-of-class customer service within the needs of your budget. Our specialty is to be an extension of your business while providing effective and highly efficient world-class service.