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Hosting marketing events such as business conferences, webinars, and making tradeshow appearances provides valuable networking and customer relationship-building opportunities.

Advertising these events and reaching out to the right clientele, however, is half the battle.

How do you determine what the best marketing strategies are to yield high attendance at your event? As always, efficient communication methods are the key to promoting your marketing events while educating your target audience about the nature of the event itself. 3C Contact Services provides professional, results-driven event promotion services through telemarketing, social media, email, and other means.

Transaction Processing

As with every aspect of your business, customer satisfaction should be your top priority and there’s no better way to accomplish that than by implementing a smooth and easy transaction process.

Accuracy is key to preventing errors happening, but it can be difficult to focus on managing your business, placing orders, and interacting with customers simultaneously. That’s where our team of experienced and dedicated customer service agents come in. We offer a customer-focused service that guarantees all phone and online orders are handled accurately and efficiently to boost productivity and customer satisfaction.

We offer the following transaction processing services to help you grow your business:

Our transactional processing services can help streamline your customer ordering process and operations by significantly reducing costs, improving productivity, and tracking customer orders.