The Impact of Live Chat on Customer Satisfaction

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All successful businesses have one thing in common: good customer service. There are many methods through which companies can choose to provide customer support, but many find that a combination of methods works best. Live chat customer service is one of the more recent avenues that has been gaining popularity—but why live chat? Live chat support services offer a ton of advantages for businesses and customers alike, making it a fantastic option for companies looking to improve and expand their customer support. What are the benefits of live chat customer service? Keep on reading to find out.

Convenient for Customers

A whopping 90% of customers consider live chat helpful, and 63% say they would return to a web site where they received assistance from a live chat agent. An online chat system provides an unprecedented level of convenience for customers, and live chats can increase customer satisfaction exponentially. As they’re browsing your site, agents can pop onto their screen and offer their help. This allows customers to avoid actually seeking out any help on their own, and instead having the help come to them.

Understanding Customer Pain Points

Receiving feedback from customers as they’re shopping or browsing your site will help you better understand areas that need improvement. Their experience will still be fresh in their mind, and they’ll be able to tell you exactly what they didn’t like, and maybe even what they would’ve liked to encounter instead. Their accurate feedback will translate into helping you make better, more efficient improvements.

You’re Available for the Right Customers

While you may not need an entire call center staffed 24/7, it’s important to be available for international customers, and those shopping over the weekend. Live chat agents can handle multiple inquires at a time, making it easier for your staff to handle a high volume during your busy hours. For example, if you know that your sales usually peak on Saturdays, then you should be sure to be fully staffed during that time. During slow periods, it might be okay to cut back on how many agents you have available.

Customer Satisfaction Leads to High Conversion Rates

In addition to improving overall customer satisfaction, live chats can also increase sales. Having an agent step in to assist a customer who is browsing your site and has become confused, or has a question they’d like answered before they make a purchase can make all the difference. Many consumers will spend time on a web site, add to their cart, and then exit the browser without actually making a purchase. Decrease the number of customers that abandon their shopping carts on your web site by always having a live chat agent available to give them that extra confidence they need to follow through, and complete their transaction.

Whether customers need that extra push to go through with their purchase, or have feedback for your company, having a qualified representative from 3C Contact Services to offer their support can go a long way. Our agents are also able to handle e-mail management, customer retention, as well as technical and help desk services. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you improve your customer support process.

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