Customer Live Chat Support and Solution

In the digital age, businesses need to be using live chat services. For the most effective customer service for your business, live chat is an important function that can reduce call volume, increase customer satisfaction, and increase sales.

Today’s Need for Live Chat Support

The Internet is more important than ever for business success. Nearly every business needs to have an online presence if it wants to reach customers.

In fact, the online web is one of the main ways that consumers find businesses, decide on purchases, and find new companies to do business with. Nowadays, when people need a tool or an electronic device, they will do a Google search and check out e-stores, reviews, and company web sites.

Your company needs to be optimizing its web site. It’s not enough to focus only on in-person or over-the-phone customer service. You need to be using the Internet for your customer service.

When consumers look at your company web site, you have a brief opportunity to quickly turn them into a paying customer. By using a live chat service provider, you can easily answer consumers’ questions, turn them into paying customers, and keep your customer base from switching to competitors.

Why Use Our Live Chat Support Agents?

With live chat support, your company can instantly chat with people viewing your company web site. Live chat agents are available to chat with any consumer who views your site, answer their questions, provide information, and help them with purchases. With live chat support, customers get instant feedback and responses.

With 24/7 live chat room support, 3C Contact Services can communicate with your customers on their schedule. Our agents can provide  24/7 live chat services that reach more of your existing customers and can help create new customers too.

With 3C Contact Services’ live chat management, your company can provide around-the-clock service that allows customers to contact you whenever they want—on their desired platform—and receive an instant response.

Don’t wait for customers to call. The vast majority of both your existing customers and potential customers will never call your company; in fact, many consumers will just switch to a competitor before they call to have a question answered. Only through live chat services can you reach these individuals.

Fully Skilled and Trained Live Chat Agents and Experts

3C Contact Services’ live chat agents are fully trained professionals who can provide effective customer service. Our agents are able to become subject matter experts on your company, customer base, industry, and products, allowing them to provide the promptest service to your customers. When you use 3C Contact Services, you can be assured that agents will not only successfully answer questions and resolve complaints, but they will also greatly increase customer satisfaction.

Our agents are fully trained and able to provide friendly, engaging service across a variety of platforms. 3C Contact Service agents can provide multilingual support, communicating with your customers in their desired language. Our agents are also able to integrate multiple services into our live chat support, including surveys, cross-selling/upselling, and marketing.

Our agents will guide your customers through their interactions, determining what the problems or questions are and providing the right solutions that will surpass your customers’ expectations. Using 3C Contact Services’ work processes, our agents are fully aware of the steps to take with each interaction and when to escalate to the next service level.

All of 3C Contact Services’ agents are fully skilled in writing and communication. Live chats need to strike a balance between being professional and personal, which can be especially difficult to do through text. Our agents are trained at straddling this line, providing service that efficiently resolves any issue while also creating personal connections with your customers.
Our agents are also able to integrate your company’s branding and image into the service, providing customer service that seamlessly blends with your brand.

With live chat service, your company can provide the most efficient customer service possible. Not only can you reduce call volumes and divert some customer queries to your chat, but live chats can also handle multiple customers at once.

This is why live chats are the most efficient, effective customer service option. They allow your company to deal with more customers at once and to deal with customers more quickly, which also leads to greater customer satisfaction.

The key to our approach, here at 3C Contact Services, is our standard response template, which allows us to quickly and efficiently deal with any customer communication.

Our template is based on our years of customer service experience and helps organize customer interactions into categories to determine the best approach that will satisfy them and benefit your company. Using our templates and proven work processes, 3C Contact Services can determine the best approach to satisfy displeased customers, answer consumer questions, and turn people into paying customers.

If your company is not using the web to your advantage, contact 3C Contact Services today for effective call center live chat service.