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Order-Taking Call Center Services in North America

When is it time to scale up by using an order-taking call center located in North America? This is a question that many companies need to ask themselves as they plan for the growth of their business throughout the New Year.

If this is the time to capitalize on your company’s forward momentum, in order to rapidly garner a greater share of the market, you should make taking more orders a priority. There is no better way to achieve this than by using an onshore order-taking call center that is located in Canada or the USA.

Order-Taking/Entry Call Centers

An order-taking call center is an incredibly valuable asset if you want to free up your staff’s precious time—time they would have spent taking orders. Highly professional agents armed with superior product knowledge and the most current technology can dramatically add value when tasked with order-taking.

Benefits of Using Order-Taking/Entry Call Centers for Your Business

There are so many benefits to using order-taking/entry call centers, including the following:

Cross- and Up-Selling: A professional call center agent is an expert in gently nudging customers towards other products, deals, and offers that your company makes available to them. This is done seamlessly when they call in to place their orders.

Streamline Your Order Processing: Instead of the time-consuming process of manually consolidating orders, save your employees time and energy by relying on a call center’s ability to update orders in real-time by using the latest technology.

Increase Customer Satisfaction: There is a special feeling generated from having a truly excellent customer service experience. Onshore call center agents create a friendly rapport based on conversational tones that encourage your customers to call back again and again.

Convert Inquiry Calls into Sales: Once you have piqued the customer’s curiosity to the point where they call for more information, a call center agent can capture their full attention and convert them. Motivated call center agents have high closing rates because they never miss an opportunity.

Increase ROI: A scalable call center solution doesn’t require significant capital costs paid up front, so what you spend ends up paying dividends with increased sales. If you’ve invested in a snazzy marketing campaign and are getting more inquiries, your volume of sales further increases when you have dedicated order-takers standing by at all hours.

Free Up In-House Resources: Save time spent on the telephone or answering e-mails, as well as associated costs for updating, maintaining, and processing orders. This is especially valuable during peaks seasons when huge numbers of orders can pour in.

Concentrate on Main Business Activities: With order-taking outsourced, you have a free hand to concentrate more on your business. This gives you an edge when it comes to developing new products and services, or improving your existing offerings.

Overcoming Language Barriers: When you utilize an onshore call center located in Canada or the USA, agents speak in a clear, fluid manner that your customers will find aggregable.

Cost-Effective: Onshore call center order-taking is well within your budget when you consider the myriad of benefits and savings that it provides. Superior customer service increases sales, resolves customer issues more quickly, reduces wait times and the need for customers to call back, and even protects your brand image over the long run.

Faster Order Entry: Think of the hassle every time you or your employees must field a customer inquiry: You have to cease your current momentum, dig up their information, listen to their questions or complaints, and then ensure you accurately recorded their order. Then you may have to do this over again and again the next time the phone rings.

A call center agent has the knowledge and tools to expediently enter orders before moving on to quickly and efficiently satisfying the next customer. This makes an order-taking call center the kind of worthwhile investment you can really use.

24/7 Order-Taking Services: It can be stressful and demanding to task your employees to take orders after business hours or on weekends. Playing games of telephone tag with answering services is also equally time- consuming and frustrating—both for you and for your customers.

Having a call center that excels at order taking means you can offer your customers the chance to place their orders at any hour, day or night. This is significant when you consider that today’s consumers have very short attention spans and may simply forget about your brand if they don’t have a readily accessible way to purchase when they are in the right mood. Furthermore, your brand will gain visibility and credibility in the customer’s eyes from offering 24/7 order-taking services.

3C’s Order-Taking Call Center Services in North America

3C Contact Services is a Toronto-based call center that excels at providing top-notch order-processing solutions to help small- and medium-sized businesses. Our agents provide exceptional value because they understand how to give customers superior service, which in turn, drives sales further upward.

Our Canadian location allows us to handpick the very best call center agents for our team. This is why 3C Contact Services is able to provide exceptional customer service among onshore call centers. We maintain high expectations for our call center agents, while simultaneously supporting them with the latest in training methods and cutting-edge tools that allow for error-free order taking services. Members of our team will be thoroughly trained and know your business almost as well as you do. Contact us today to learn more about us and the other services we offer.