Why Should You Consider Virtual Receptionist Call Center Services for Your Business?

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virtual receptionist call center north America

It’s a well-known fact that the vast majority of people who call into a business simply hang up when they get voicemail or an answering machine. Part of this is because of our preference for instant messaging, but it may also be because people prefer to deal with a real human being rather than spending their time leaving a message that they likely will never get a response to. Perhaps this is why you should consider using a virtual receptionist call center located in North America.

Unlike automated recording systems that can be confusing, malfunction, or simply fail to help customers, a virtual receptionist call center located in the USA or Canada can readily administer their needs.

virtual receptionist call center north America


Virtual Receptionist Call Center Services

When clients call into your business, the best way to ensure that they have their needs met is by utilizing a virtual reception call center service. This is because each call has value, whether it is a sales lead, or a customer service issue that needs to be resolved. The more customers your business interacts with in a timely manner, the more you will grow and generate positive word-of-mouth referrals.

Benefits to Hiring Virtual Receptionist Call Center Services

There are many benefits to hiring a virtual receptionist call center that can impact positively in different areas of your business. From increasing the bottom line to freeing you from worry or stress, a virtual receptionist acts as a filter to catch the most important messages while insulating you from more difficult clients.

Maintain a Professional Image

When clients get an answering machine, they tend to assume the very worst: That you are understaffed, busy with other matters, or you don’t care about their business. Now imagine what happens when there is someone they can talk to 24/7: your professional image gets a boost, and your customers get seamless service.

Great Customer Service

An onshore call center that offers virtual receptionist services has trained agents who speak fluent English with no accent. They can also be trusted to handle secure and sensitive data. Furthermore, agents working as virtual receptionists will be able learn your business and handle clients as per your instructions. The end result is excellent customer service that leaves your clients feeling good at the end of the call.

24-Hour Live Answering Service

Increase business beyond your office hours, time zones, or international borders. Having a virtual receptionist in your call center means that your business has the option of using live agents who are available 24/7 to talk to your customers. Think of how convenient this is for your customers.

Save Money on Customer Service

The cost of continuously employing more employees to man your phone lines means that you will be paying their salary, benefits, cost of a workstation, PC, and any other associated expenses. Outsourcing to an onshore call center, on the other hand, gives you a more affordable series of billing options for scalable services.

Manage and Save Your Time

A virtual receptionist saves you from using your own valuable time to handle customer service inquiries. How ever you utilize a virtual receptionist to schedule appointments, manage inquiries, or other duties, you get to interact with customers on your own terms.

Peace of Mind

It develops a sense of ease when you have highly-trained agents answering inquiries at all hours and reporting directly to you. Instead of worrying about people slipping through the cracks, or constantly stressing yourself trying to “catch up,” you can take time for yourself—while still retaining the ability to have priority calls directed to you.

Helps to Maintain Good Relations with Customer

Just think of all the interactions you have personally had with a brand where you were put on hold, directed to a confusing interactive voice system, or transferred overseas. Make no mistake, your customer wants to talk to a real, live person. By using an onshore call center, when you give them an agent who completely understands their issues and needs, you are improving customer relations.

Schedule Appointments

Use a virtual receptionist to schedule appointments from clients 24/7. Your schedule can be hosted on a secure cloud server and updated by those given permission as per your instructions. This way, you’ll keep up with your business without distraction.

Call Reports and Recordings

Review your customer calls with reports generated from the call center that contain vital statistics on traffic, breakdowns of customer needs, and also get live recordings of interactions at your request. This way, you can always monitor customer interactions and gain new insight into improving and growing your business.

Helps in Customer Retention

By having a dedicated support line for customers to call, a trained call center agent can mitigate the customer issues that lead to poor service. Rather than losing customers for unknown reasons, a virtual receptionist would be there to assess the situation, address issues, and if required, offer incentives.

3C’s Virtual Receptionist Call Center in North America

3C Contact Services is a Toronto-based call center that offers virtual receptionist services for small- and medium-sized businesses. Our aim is to provide seamless service that provides your clients with the best experience possible to represent your brand.

Our Canadian location allows us to handpick the very best call center agents for our team. This is why 3C Contact Services is able to provide exceptional customer service among onshore call centers offering virtual receptionist services. We maintain high expectations for our call center agents, while simultaneously supporting them with the latest in training methods and cutting-edge tools that allow for error-free receptionist services. Members of our team will be thoroughly trained and know your business almost as well as you do. Contact us today to learn more about us and the other services we offer.