How Good Product and Service Knowledge Will Help to Improve Customer Service

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importance of product knowledge in customer service

Friendly, polite customer service agents are always a plus, but one of the other key elements is product knowledge in customer service. Without a thorough understanding of the products or services that they’re supposed to be assisting with, customer support agents won’t be able to properly serve customers. Having good product knowledge in customer service will not only help consumers receive better service, but it’ll also increase sales, improve branding efforts, and even help your call center agents be more comfortable and confident in their daily duties. If you want to learn more about the importance of product knowledge in customer service and how it can aid both customers and customer service agents, keep on reading.

importance of product knowledge in customer service

The Importance of Excellent Product/Service Knowledge in Customer Service 

Increase Sales

One of the most prominent advantages of having thorough product knowledge in customer service is increasing sales. When representatives know their stuff, they’ll be able to outline all the key features and highlight the advantages of purchasing a particular product or service. The more the customer can relate to the features and feel themselves using it, the more likely they are to purchase it. 

Building Customer Trust

If customer support agents mistakenly give customers wrong information and they come to find out the truth on their own, they’ll have doubts about your business. Even if it was just a mistake, customers will question how reliable your customer service is, and subsequently question your products. However, if they always receive the correct information that goes above and beyond what they expected, they’ll grow to trust your brand and be more likely to choose you again in the future. 

Making Lasting Impressions

When your customer support agents know your products back to front and can explain them thoroughly while being enthusiastic about its features, customers will take note. The more they know and explain your products and services, customers will come to realize their passion, which isn’t something you see at every company. To have sales representatives and customer service staff that actually take an interest in the products or services their company offers is something that’ll leave a lasting impression on any customer.  

How Good Product/Service Knowledge Help Call Center Agents

Strengthens Communication Skills

The better your staff knows your products and services, the easier it’ll be for them to relay information about them. Their responses will be better crafted and just overall clearer and easier to understand, whether they have to communicate with customers over e-mail, live chat, the phone, or even in person. Once they’re familiar with the product information, explaining its benefits and answering questions without hesitation will become second nature. 

Develops Confidence

When agents know what they’re talking about, they’re have an air of confidence about them. They’ll be able to field any question thrown at them, and give customers real answers that aren’t just to placate them, but that can actually help solve their issue. Customers will also be able to tell when a representative is confident in their responses, which will reassure them that they know what they’re talking about, and qualm any persistent doubts they may have.

Boosts Enthusiasm

For a customer to really be sold on an item, they should feel that the person selling them is genuinely excited about it, and truly believes in the products. When customer support agents are well-versed in the product features and what exactly it can do for the customer, they’ll channel more enthusiasm into their sales pitch. The more energetic and excited your employees are about the product they’re selling, the more likely their energy is to rub off on customers and make them excited as well.  

Helps with Clearing Customers Doubts

Representatives will run into roadblocks every now and then when it comes to trying to sell a customer on a product or service. They may voice some concerns they have about the way it works or if they don’t think it’ll do what they need them to. When your customer support representative has a full working knowledge of the product, they can easily identify and explain which feature can help them, and outline all the ways that it’ll not only meet, but exceed the customer’s expectations. 

Provide Quality Customer Services

Arguably the most important aspect about having good product knowledge in customer service is being able to provide the best possible service to consumers. Representatives won’t have to stumble over their words, go through their notes, or ask fellow employees for help when they have a full working knowledge of all of your products and services. Their conversation will flow more naturally with customers and they won’t be any awkward delay when they’re asked a question.
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