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In the world of customer service, the difference between a call center and customer engagement center couldn’t be clearer. However, for those new to the industry or not familiar with the industry language, these terms can seem interchangeable. If you’re not sure what the difference is between a customer engagement vs. a contact center, keep on reading to learn what makes them different from each other.

customer engagement center vs contact center

What Is a Customer Engagement Center? 

A customer engagement center refers to business applications that have been designed for multi-channel customer service and support. The main goal of customer engagement centers is to ensure that customer interactions are consistent over multiple platforms, and that they’re effective and helpful. An engagement center’s focus is just as it’s named—to effectively engage customers with the brand. For example, an engagement center can be comprised of different departments, including those handling social media interactions, as that is how many customers engage with brands now. If someone were to tweet about bad service from your company, representatives from you customer engagement center could reach out to them and compensate for their negative experience with a discount on their next purchase, for instance. 

What Is a Call Center?

A call center is a physical place where customer phone calls are handled, generally with the help of some type of automation. These centers are usually equipped to handle a high volume of calls at the same time, with equipment making it possible to screen, log, and queue them as needed. Contact centers generally are less engaged with customers, only addressing them if they phone in for help with an issue they are having.

Customer Engagement Center vs. Call Center 

When it comes to choosing between a customer engagement center vs. customer service, you should make an effort to combine both. Call centers are useful for those who are accustomed to calling in for help, but more and more people are relying on engaging with brands on different platforms to reach out for help that way. While customer engagement is imperative, it’s also extremely important to have a call center to handle customers who are actively seeking out help. Answering phones, responding to e-mails, and dealing with direct customers is an integral part of running a successful business.  
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