Why You Should Outsource Your Freight Billing and Audit Services

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outsource freight billing and audit services

outsource freight billing and audit servicesOne of the most challenging tasks of logistics is freight billing and audit services. Particularly for those small businesses that are consistently shipping packages daily, the amount of freight invoices can easily become overwhelming. Whether billing is handled through pre- or post-audit processing, the volume of work is often too much for small businesses to handle effectively in house.

This is why so many small businesses are outsourcing their freight billing and audit services. They recognize the detail that goes into ensuring these figures are correct and handled efficiently. Not keeping up with billing can have a huge negative impact on revenue and can hurt your relationship with other carriers.

Reasons for Outsourcing Freight Billing and Audit Services

There are many reasons for small- and mid-sized businesses to consider outsourcing its freight billing and audit services. The most common are:

Reducing Shipping Administrative Costs

The cost of using in-house employee labour to manually manage freight invoice audits is costing dollars. In addition to that, these types of invoices need to be put into an automated system that more diligently identifies any invoicing errors. The time it would take an in-house employee to complete this task with the same efficiency isn’t worth the cost.

Labour Cost Reductions

The answer to handling your increased demand for product isn’t necessarily to hire more staff; that becomes costly. Instead, working with an outsourced team of agents who are better equipped and have the systems in place to handle surges in demand is the more cost-effective route.

Faster Processing of Billing and Payment

Carriers expect that they are compensated quickly after service is completed. With an outsourced company, such as 3C Contact Services, and its technology, processing billing and payment can happen at a much faster pace than it would if in-house staff were given this responsibility.

Enhanced Customer Service

A dedicated team of freight billing professionals handling your audit means that your clients will receive improved customer service. Communication will be prompt because the staff is trained to understand the various structured and unstructured forms that re involved with freight billing.

Improve Planning, Control, and Compliance

We can sum this up by saying that there will be an overall improvement in the efficiency of your entire freight billing and audit process. The technological capabilities outsourced companies offer means that data will be correctly and safely stored, and retrieving this data will be simple.

Outsourced Freight Billing & Document Processing Services by 3C Contact Services

3C Contact Services offers small businesses the opportunity to outsource their freight billing to a trusted agency. We provide our clients with a means of managing the onslaught of invoices that is standard for companies who are making regular shipments.

As the leading provider of outsourced call center service, 3C Contact Services works closely with partners to create a customized customer experience strategy that is suited to both business and budget. For more information, contact us today.