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Why Low Attrition Rates Are Good for Customer Service

Steven February 4th, 2019

In business, attrition is the number of employees a company is able to retain over a certain period of time. Low attrition rates are highly beneficial and favourable because they can guarantee both employee and customer satisfaction. Both of these factors are essential to maintaining high quality service, retaining more customers, and increasing revenue for Read the full article…

How to Create Effective Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Steven January 21st, 2019

Customer satisfaction surveys are an essential part of any business regardless of size, stature, or industry. They provide valuable insights into what your customers are thinking, how they feel about your business, products, and services, and whether or not they’d use your business again or recommend it to other people. All this information is easily Read the full article…

3C Contact Services Announces Strategic Partnership with Loop Real Estate Marketing

Steven April 11th, 2018

Toronto, Canada, April 11, 2018 – 3C Contact Services Inc. (www.3CContactServices.com), is pleased to announce it has secured a strong and mutually beneficial partnership with Loop Real Estate Marketing (https://looprem.com). “We couldn’t be more excited to bring both companies’ services together,” says Chris Robinson, General Manager at 3C Contact Services. “We have identified a need Read the full article…

How Inside Sales Agents (ISAs) Can Help Real Estate Businesses

Steven April 9th, 2018

As your real estate business continues to rapidly expand and reach massive levels of success, you may start to realize that even your customer support team needs a little extra assistance. When you reach your peak level of success, the last thing you want is for your team to fall behind on lead acquisition, customer Read the full article…

Why Should You Consider Virtual Receptionist Call Center Services for Your Business?

Steven January 22nd, 2018

It’s a well-known fact that the vast majority of people who call into a business simply hang up when they get voicemail or an answering machine. Part of this is because of our preference for instant messaging, but it may also be because people prefer to deal with a real human being rather than spending Read the full article…

How Order-Taking Call Centers Can Help Your Business

Steven January 15th, 2018

When is it time to scale up by using an order-taking call center located in North America? This is a question that many companies need to ask themselves as they plan for the growth of their business throughout the New Year. If this is the time to capitalize on your company’s forward momentum, in order Read the full article…

How to Outsource Customer Call Center Services in Toronto

Steven December 27th, 2017

Customer service outsourcing is being used by more businesses than ever before. From smaller businesses and start-ups to larger, well-established companies, outsourced customer service can be an effective method for growing the business, increasing revenue, attracting new customers, and fostering business-customer relationships. Of course, customer care outsourcing isn’t about simply choosing any old call center. Read the full article…

How a Call Center Can Help Your Businesses Increase Sales

Steven December 4th, 2017

Call centers are often viewed as a place for customers to interact—and sometimes vent—at a company’s trained service representatives. However, with the proper approach, they can yield far greater rewards. Call centers can be used for a business to increase their sales. 

Ways to Measure Emotion in Customer Experience

Steven November 27th, 2017

The Importance of Measuring Emotions in Customer Experience The benefits of measuring emotions in customer experience cannot be understated. A company that makes its customers feel valued stands to make tremendous gains in terms of brand loyalty and competitiveness. These factors also end up improving profitability through a variety of ways.

How to Improve the Emotional Impact of Your Customer Interactions

Steven November 22nd, 2017

Emotions and their role in providing excellent customer service tends to be an overlooked area. After all, it’s often the unseen qualitative areas that can affect quantitative measures like sales or brand loyalty.   Paying special attention to your emotional connection with your customers can pay huge dividends. This can start a cycle of positive Read the full article…