Why Is Consistency Important in Customer Service?

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Consistency Important in Customer Service

There’s a lot that goes into making your customer service department successful. As we’ve mentioned before, there are certain things you can do to ensure all customers have a positive experience with your customer service—one of those things, is consistency. The importance of consistency in customer service is paramount, and will contribute towards fostering a strong brand image for your company. It can improve your flow of business in a number of ways, from building strong customer relationships to improved customer loyalty. What exactly is consistency in customer service, and how can it reap these benefits for your company? Keep on reading to find out.
Consistency Important in Customer Service

What Is Consistency in Customer Service?

While consistency can be super beneficial, it doesn’t come without its hardships. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 or a small startup company, the role of consistency in customer service can be one of the most difficult to establish. It can be hard to achieve consistency in your company because it takes an incredible amount of effort and discipline to implement—both on an individual level, and as a team. However, once it becomes integrated, the advantages are immense.

Consistency in customer service means holding strong practices and applying them to every customer service interaction, whether it be online, in person, or over the phone. When customers find they receive the same high-quality service no matter which avenue the service is offered, your company will present itself as the reliable choice they can always count on. Customers will never have to question whether they’ll have an issue regarding purchases, making them more confident when choosing your company rather than your competition

Customer relationships are amazingly fragile, especially since there are likely a number of competitors that’ll welcome them with open arms, should they ever become the slightest bit upset with you; it’s much easier to lose a client due to poor relations than it is to earn their loyalty in the first place. That’s why it’s so important to make sure all clients have positive experiences, all the time. They’ll base their expectations on previous interactions, so you have to make sure that their first experience is great, and that every subsequent encounter is just as good.

The Role of Consistency in Customer Service

Build Strong Customer Relationships

Being consistent with your customer service will help you gain more loyal customers. While some companies have high initial sign up rates, those don’t always remain strong. It’s important to remember that a high volume of customers is valuable, but having lifelong customer that will generate revenue for years to come can be even more valuable.

Maintaining a good relationship with customers is also important, to avoid any negative attention—especially online. Consumers are more likely to share a negative experience with your company versus a positive one. Many people take to platforms like Facebook and Twitter to voice their frustrations, and even discourage others from supporting your business. When consistency is a major part of your customer service experience, you won’t have to worry about negative online reviews; companies that keep pace with their shoppers from the time of their purchase to when (or if) they call customer service for assistance will thrive off of loyal customers and positive reviews.

Build Brand Reputation

Keeping the quality of your customer support consistent will help create a reliable brand image that consumers will come to trust. When you can make sure that all customers receive quality service at every turn during their interactions with your company, you’ll present yourself as trustworthy option that customers can count on, versus some of your less consistent competitors. When customers can be confident that you’ll deliver on your promises every time, you’ll have a huge advantage. Awesome customer relations paired with great products and/or services will help you grow exponentially, and continue to expand your customer base.

Maintain Quality

For many consumers, the quality of your service is only as good as its consistency. For example, if June calls your customer service lines 10 times over the course of the year for assistance and only receives great service half the time, chances are, their overall impression of your support services will be negative. It’s not good enough to only be good sometime—you have to remain consistent if you want your efforts to be widely recognized.

Word of Mouth Advertising

Word of mouth is invaluable, and also pretty hard to come by. While you can hire influencers to post about your company and promote it on social media, you can’t pay real customers to go around and share their positive experiences with other consumers—they have to do it on their own accord. And as we’ve mentioned, customers are usually more likely to become vocal about your business when they have a grievance to air. Since consistent customer service seems to be so hard to come by nowadays, providing a consistent service will give you an extra edge that could push customers to share their positive experience with others. Organic word of mouth advertisement is one of the most genuine forms of publicity, and is virtually invaluable. More customers will trust a recommendation coming from a family member or friend, making it far more effective than any TV, radio, or online ad.

3C Contact Services Helps You Offer Consistent Customer Service

Consistent customer services will not only help you create a loyal band of customers, but you’ll also be able to gain invaluable word of mouth advertising, increasing your overall base of customers. Ensure you customers have a positive customer service experience every time, and hire 3C Contact Services for all of your customer care needs. From help desk services, customer retention, live chat services, e-mail management, and more, we can help you manage all of your customer support services. Out trained representatives will provide a streamlined experience for your clients to ensure they always choose your company over the competition. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help improve your customer support services and introduce a sense of consistency.