How Do Bilingual Answering Services Help Your Business?

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Good help isn’t always that hard to find when you know where to look. Professional bilingual answering services can help you expand your business and elevate it to the next level by reaching out to more global markets on a widespread scale. French and English are Canada’s two official languages, so hiring representatives and a bilingual virtual receptionist who can fluently communicate in both languages is a must for any business that wants to position itself for national and one-day international growth.

Scalability is the ultimate goal of every small- and medium-sized business. That involves answering the call of duty and serving your customers in whatever language they can comfortably communicate in. Offering a range of customer service language options broadens the horizons of your business and demonstrates how much you truly value your bilingual or multilingual customers.

What Is a Bilingual Answering Service?

A bilingual answering service gives customers a variety of language options to enhance their customer service experience. Customers can choose their preferred

communication language and automatically be connected to a representative who is fluent in that language. Effective communication skills on a wide scale are a crucial component of delivering high-quality customer service.

What Are the Benefits of Using Professional Bilingual Answering Services?

Beyond going above and beyond to provide an improved experience for your multilingual and international customers, offering bilingual answering services may be a civic requirement depending on your industry. Government agencies, for instance, are required to offer services in both official languages to appease both the English and French-speaking populations. Expanding your language options beyond that requirement can help you scale your business by appealing to a much larger and more widespread audience.

Here are just some of the ways in which adding more language options and outsourcing professional bilingual answering services can help you scale your business.

Connect with More People on a Global Scale

Think about where your business currently stands and where you’d like it to be at any point in the future. If scalability is your goal, then you need to take the necessary steps to expand your business into different markets on a national and international level. Reach out to various local cultural communities to start building up your customer base on their terms. Find out what the largest local communities are in your area and discover new ways to appeal to them. One way of doing that is by hiring representatives that speak their language so that they can communicate more effectively with your brand.

Global outreach that integrates cultural and language norms is an effective marketing method that attracts more international audiences and proves just how much you value their support and patronage. It also helps them gain a better conceptual understanding of your business as well as how the products and services you offer can enrich their lives on an individual and community-based level.

Expand Your Profit Margins

Expanding your customer base through better and more effective communication methods will inevitably help boost your profit margins as well. The more effort you make to accommodate your multilingual customers, the more likely they are to continue supporting your brand. Moreover, they’ll even recommend your business to other people they know who speak English as a second language.

Providing customers with a multitude of language options builds trust and loyalty because it makes them feel welcomed and appreciated. It’s a demonstration of what great customer service looks like and this can also increase your retention rates. People are more likely to support a brand that has a customer experience-driven focus that’s designed with their specific needs in mind.

Overcome Language Barriers

Language barriers make it difficult for customers to truly connect with and understand your business. Even if you’re offering a product or service that could greatly enrich their lives, your prospective customers may never realize that because your brand message is being delivered in a language they don’t understand.

Oftentimes, even customers who speak English as a second language presumably well may struggle to understand certain words, phrases, or concepts. Communicating with customers in their preferred or native language breaks down those barriers and ensures that they have a proper understanding of what your business does and what you have to offer.

Interacting with a professional bilingual answering service ensures that your customers are getting the assistance that they need when they need it. It also helps them gain a more in-depth understanding of your brand philosophy so that they can make more informed buying decisions and reap the full benefits of supporting your business. Plus, overcoming language barriers opens you up to a whole new local and international community of prospective qualified leads.

Build Strong Customer Relationships

Positive customer experiences are the epitome of building your brand and reaching new heights of success. By communicating with your customers in their preferred language, you can easily bridge the gap between their cultural norms and your brand initiatives on a more personal level. People who speak English as a second language tend to think in their native language. There’s a little bit of a delayed response when the brain absorbs new information in a secondary or foreign language. Certain linguistic nuances can get lost in the translation process, which makes communication between two parties more challenging.

Allowing customers to communicate in their preferred language bypasses all of these linguistic languages and makes the conversation feel more personal and less transactional. It forges an invaluable human connection that improves the customer’s perception of your business.

Establish a Multilingual Customer Base

Having a multilingual and multicultural customer base extends your branding opportunities and allows you to seamlessly break into new markets around the globe. A bilingual virtual receptionist is trained to represent your brand in different languages. Market research shows that even English-speaking international customers have more positive brand interactions and experiences when speaking to a representative in their preferred language.

Choose the Right Bilingual Business Answering Services

Whether you’re looking for French, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hindi, English, or Spanish answering services for your business, providing customers with multiple language options is a great way to earn their trust and loyalty. 3C Contact Services offers extensive customer-centric bilingual answering services in North America. Contact us to discover how we can help you grow your business and improve your customer experience journey.

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