A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Being a Happy Person

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Telling people to be happier is easier said than done. If you run a call center, your workers doubtlessly have to deal with unhappy—and often angry—customers day in and day out. However, 3C Contact Services, the leading provider of outsourced call center solutions, tells its partners that there are ways that their employees can improve their happiness, both professionally and personally.

It’s also advice that call center managers, who have to deal with plenty of stress, should heed as well. Contrary to popular belief, happiness is not something you have to chase; rather, you can choose to be happy by paying close attention to the inner workings of your mind and thwarting negative emotions like pessimism, anger, and resentment. Being persistent in the face of disappointment goes a long way to making you a happier and more content person.

And not only that, but happiness and persistence will serve you well in your personal and professional life. Here are a few tips on how to become a happier person:

  1. Choose to be Happy: Actually make an effort to be a happier person. This may be difficult, but will become easier once you choose attitudes and behaviours that lead to happiness. Spend time with people who will increase your happiness and remove any negative people from your life. Also make an effort to learn good self-management, interpersonal, and career-related skills.
  2. Be Grateful: Start each day by listing all the things that make you happy. Doing so moves you away from feeling bitter and increases your happiness by realizing that there are good things in your life; for instance, you have a job that lets you pay your rent and bills and for groceries.
  3. Be Forgiving: Holding a grudge creates a variety of issues with your physical and mental health, while fostering a forgiving attitude helps you to avoid developing bitterness and resentment. Realize that the angry customer you had to deal with was probably frustrated that the product they purchased wasn’t working properly, then imagine how you would feel in that same situation.
  4. Stop Negative Thoughts and Feelings: Once you identify factors that cause negative thoughts and feelings, take steps to counteract them, such as rhythmic breathing, yoga, and other relaxation techniques. This will reduce feelings of anxiety and lead to feelings of serenity. You can also learn to identify and challenge negative emotions.
  5. Money Can’t Buy Happiness: Despite claims to the contrary, there is actually very little evidence that people are happier once they climb above the poverty line.
  6. Have Friends: Maintaining close friendships is an excellent way to stay happy. With today’s increasingly isolated society, depression is on the rise; however, spending time with friends makes people feel better and live longer. When you’re on your lunch break, set your phone aside and go out for lunch with co-workers.
  7. Engage in Meaningful Activities: Turn the TV off, switch off your computer, and get out and take part in an activity you enjoy or join a social group.

If you follow these seven tips from 3C Contact Services, it will go a long way towards making yourself—and your call center—happier.