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5 Reasons Why Superman is a Role Model for Customer Service

5 Reasons Why Superman is a Role Model for Customer Service

Steven April 9th, 2014

In addition to being one of the first comic book superheroes, Superman is recognized as being the stoic paragon of virtue, standing for everything that is good about humanity despite being born on another planet. His nickname is “the big blue boy scout.”

3C Contact Services, the top provider of outsourced call center services, tells their partners that their call center representatives can learn a lot from “Supes’” key personality traits when it comes to providing customers with the best customer service.

Clark Kent, Superman’s secret identity, developed a strong moral compass due to his upbringing by his adopted parents, Jonathan and Martha. Think of yourself as “Ma” and “Pa” Kent and your customer service representatives (CSRs) as a young Clark and instill the following values in them:

  1. Idealism: No one wants to deal with a bitter, cynical CSR or to work with someone with this attitude. An employee with a negative attitude can wreak havoc on morale the same way a supervillain like Lex Luthor wreaks havoc on Metropolis. Take steps to encourage a positive outlook and find the silver lining in any situation.
  2. Humanitarianism: When working in customer service, you’re going to deal with difficult customer situations. Much like Superman, being sympathetic to the customer’s situation will go a long way to providing them with better service. Remember, you’ve probably been a frustrated customer at some point, so empathize with the customer. Sometimes even a simple “I understand” will prevent a situation from escalating.
  3. Bravery: Working in customer service is not a field that one commonly associates with bravery, but let’s face it; you’re often dealing with people when they are at their worst and need to face it with a sense of patience. That alone takes a strong sense of courage.
  4. Morality: One of the hallmarks of Superman is his strong sense of morality. Your organization should follow the same example by being honest and up-front to your customers. Don’t hide anything from them and don’t make any claims you can’t back up.
  5. Kind-Hearted: No one wants to be greeted by sullen-sounding staff when they want someone who is sympathetic, will listen, and will assist them, regardless of why they’re calling. Actually take the time to listen to the customer and maintain a positive attitude.

If you and your staff follow the example that Superman has provided since he first became a part of pop culture over 75 years ago and that continues to be popular until this day, 3C Contact Services knows you’ll provide your customers with the best customer service, as well as run your business in an ethical manner.

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