Why Should e-Commerce Businesses Invest in Live Chat Support Services?

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If you’re running a fledging e-commerce business, you might be curious about how live chat support services in Toronto could improve your bottom line. Perhaps there are solid questions that you have about the return on investment you would get. Ultimately, using an onshore live chat service located in Toronto could help your business in a number of different ways.

live chat support services in Toronto


The Importance of Live Chat Support Services for Online Businesses

A study from Forrester showed that 44 percent of online customers who were in the process of conducting a transaction said that having their questions answered by a live person was one of the most critical features that an e-commerce web site could offer. Several factors explain why there are many benefits of live chat for customers service.


Consider what percentage of your employees’ time is spent dealing with customer service inquiries. Rather than having to e-mail or call customers back, a live chat agent can swiftly resolve questions for you.

Low Cost

You will find excellent value for the service you get for live chat support services, especially from using a Toronto-based company that provides superior customer service for your brand.

Boosts Sales

By instantly reducing consumer concerns, live chat gets you more sales. Furthermore, an emarketer.com survey revealed that 63 percent of customers were more likely to purchase again from an e-commerce web site that offers live chat.

Increases Efficiency

Much like the quick answers we’re used to getting from texting, live chat quickly resolves customer issues. With live chat, agents can also multitask by engaging several customers at the same time.

Better Customer Relationships

Customer service has huge importance for e-commerce businesses, which it is why it is good to know that live chat results in one of the highest customer satisfaction rates among different customer service methods.

Competitive Advantage

Have you perused your competition’s web sites to keep tabs on their offerings? Consider whether they have already implemented live chat support services or if they are in the process of acquiring such a service. In business, the first to market comes with a slew of advantages from establishing your brand to earning customer loyalty.

How Can We Help Your e-Commerce Business with Live Chat Support Services?

For an e-commerce business, professional live chat support services in Toronto are a valuable commodity. You may already be well aware of the benefits of using live chat support that is based onshore in Canada.

Perhaps you are seeking a live chat support service option, but are still on the fence about who to choose. Consider 3C Contact Services for 24/7 live chat support services. We’re based in Toronto, which gives us a competitive edge in being able to offer the best customer service agents available to answer your customer inquiries in real time. Contact us today to get a quote.

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