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Despite their reputation as being mysterious, there’s a lot that call centers can learn from ninjas, according to 3C Contact Services, the leading provider of outsourced contact center services. Like their fellow Japanese warrior, the samurai, ninjas also followed a strict code of honour and were specially trained in a number of forms of combat, often specializing in several areas.

Call center employees can learn from this strict of code of honour. They should consider their workplace’s policies to be a code of honour that they should adhere to, whether it’s being patient with customers, logging all their calls, or keeping track of sales, tell your team they are “call center ninjas” and should consider your organization’s policies to their own code of honour.

Perhaps one of the best-known traits of the ninja is patience; something that a good call center employee knows full well is an important asset in their position. While a ninja calming themselves as they lay in wait for a target may not be the most appropriate analogy, your employees can still learn a lot from the sense of patience that ninjas had to develop while they were on a mission.

Ninjas also had a sense of decorum; rather than charging blindly into combat, they would follow certain rules. Similarly, when dealing with a difficult customer, the first instinct may just be to go on the defensive, but a call center representative approaches the situation in a calm, rational manner. Their training should include how to deal with any difficult situations that may arise, allowing them to triumph without drawing any blood.

Then there’s the next important part of what made ninjas such successful warriors: their training. Like ninjas, your employees should undergo strict training before they are allowed out into the field. Like how a poorly trained ninja might result in a mission failing, a poorly trained employee might just end up costing you valuable business.

A good call center is much like a ninja clan using teamwork to carry out a mission, the same way that the employees of a call center will work together to ensure that it runs smoothly. If you instill this sense of camaraderie into your “call center ninjas” then your own organization will run as smoothly as the ninja clans did in feudal Japan.

Ninjas always have the best equipment at their disposal to successfully carry out missions. Likewise, your employees should also have the best and latest equipment in order to fulfill all their duties. Upgrading your systems every few years is a sound investment that pays off, much like a ninja using the best equipment would pay off in a successful mission that allowed them to strike before fading away again.

A good call center employee will provide a customer with all the help they need in an efficient manner and then move onto the next call. 3C Contact Services tells its partners that they can learn a lot from the ways of the ninja!

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