What Is the Difference Between an Inbound and Outbound Call Center?

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Difference Between an Inbound and Outbound Call Center

Difference Between an Inbound and Outbound Call CenterThere are notable differences between inbound and outbound call centers. If you are a small business that is considering partnering with an inbound call center or an outbound call center, then it’s important to know which services each can provide.

While some call centers can are capable of providing both, it’s still important to recognize what you get with an inbound vs. and outbound call center. We will define each below and break down what separates the two so you are aware of what to look for when making a decision on what your business needs most.

What Is an Inbound Call Center?

The simplest way of defining an inbound call center is to say that they wait for calls to come to them. They are not actively making calls on behalf of their clients. Instead, they react to situations initiated by customers and find ways to resolve those situations accordingly.

With growing customer expectations, many inbound call centers are expected to be available any time of day or night. There’s no predicting when customers will need services, so being able to stay open 24/7 is often a vital part of inbound call center operations. Staff is hired in proportion to the amount of calls the center anticipates receiving. It’s often challenging to find staff that is willing to work these hours, but it is necessary in order for inbound call centers to remain competitive.

What Is an Outbound Call Center?

Outbound call centers are pretty much the opposite of inbound call centers. They don’t sit back and wait for customers to call with their questions. Instead, they are actively on the phone placing calls to potential or current customers, typically with the goal of persuading them to purchase a product.

Outbound call center agents need to have different skill sets than their inbound counterparts. Outbound agents must be more comfortable with rejection and cannot be afraid to push lightly or more assertively for a sale. In most instances, outbound agents are compensated with commission in addition to a base salary.

Inbound Call Center vs. Outbound Call Center

In addition to the points mentioned, there is one slight but significant difference between inbound call centers and outbound call centers. The agents in outbound call centers have not had any prior contact to the customers they are reaching out to. They must be able to quickly build a rapport and find an emotional trigger that will sway the person on the other end of the phone to make a decision.

Inbound call center agents, on the other hand, are dealing with current customers. They are answering questions and solving problems with people who already have a relationship with the company. This doesn’t make their jobs any easier. It’s just a matter of utilizing a different set of skills than outbound call center agents.

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