The Top 10 Commandments of the Successful Executive

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When Moses led the Hebrews on their epic journey through the desert, they experienced many ups and downs before being handed the 10 Commandments. The career of today’s modern executive reflects this in many ways, with executives leading their own chosen people to the promised land of financial success and stability.

Whether you’re just starting as an executive or you’re a business veteran, 3C Contact Services, the leading provider of outsourced call center solutions, is calling the executives of the world to our online mountaintop to hand down the 10 Commandments of the Successful Executive:

  1. I believe that people are as happy as they want to be: When you come to the realization that people are happy and content with their lives, you’ll realize the same about yours. While you should constantly strive for success, be content with what you have achieved as well.
  2. I am persistent even in the face of disappointment: Every business executive will face disappointment and even failure in the course of their career. The successful ones continue even after a business plan didn’t work out the way they planned and consider failures to be learning experiences.
  3. I constantly improve my knowledge and skills: The business world is constantly moving forward and all the successful executives know that they have to evolve to meet those changes. Even if they have years of experience, they never stop learning and constantly seek to expand their knowledge.
  4. I think big, even when I’m dealing with the smallminded: Most executives have to deal with clients or co-workers with small ambitions. They also see beyond that to the larger picture.
  5. I am truly committed to being of service to others: Any good executive will do everything they can to help their clients and co-workers. And while they are confident, they never lose their sense of humility and seek to help others.
  6. I am willing to leave my comfort zone: Often, executives achieve their greatest success after they venture out of their comfort zone. A new approach may just produce the next blockbuster tech product or service.
  7. I am a consummate professional and behave accordingly: An executive will always conduct themselves in a professional manner when dealing with clients and co-workers. Whether it’s in a public setting or the workplace, they know that they are representing their employer and will act accordingly.
  8. I accept change as a part of life, willingly and accordingly: A refusal to remain stuck in the past is another mark of a successful executive. They realize that in business, there are going to be changes, both large and small, and tailor their approach to reflect that.
  9. I make decisions quickly and take immediate action: A successful executive will not hesitate when making decisions and will follow through on them. While some decisions require thought and consideration, others must be made quickly.
  10. I take full responsibility for my performance: Any executive worth his or her salt will strive to do their best and give their employer the best performance. They constantly strive to be the best they can be.