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Why Better Service Means Better Sales

Why Better Service Means Better Sales

Steven July 4th, 2014

There’s one simple way to retain customers; provide them with the best service possible and they will be back.

This piece of common sense can mean the difference between a loyal customer and someone who uses your products or services once before going to your competition. This is why hiring the best call center agents is so important. Finding people who are both personable and knowledgeable, not to mention patient, must be the goal of any manager.

3C Contact Services, the leading provider of outsourced call center solutions, tells their partners that there are three simple reasons why better service means better sales for your business.

  1. Happier customers return, unhappy ones do not: This should be obvious to anyone who provides products and services. How often have you heard family or friends vow that they will never return to store or restaurant they received terrible service from? If a customer receives good service and quality products, they’re far more likely to return and, as an added bonus, will let their family and friends know.
  2. Customers are more likely to purchase from a salesperson they like: Hiring friendly salespeople with outgoing personalities means that customers are far more likely to buy your product or services. If your sales staff is sullen, unenthused, and prone to treating each call like it is an ordeal, chances are the response they will receive from customers will likely be a polite, “Thanks, but no thanks!”
  3. Customers are more likely to repeat purchase if you can successfully service their needs: Another important business rule that should be common sense. If you can give a customer everything they’re looking for in a friendly and professional manner, they’re far more likely to come back when they need to make a new purchase or require the service you provide again.

Another mistake that many salespeople make is trying to make a hard sale or following a script. If you ask the right questions, it will lead them to find out what the customer wants and they can upsell the product or service based on the customer’s needs. And try to keep the call conversational; if your customers feel that they are talking to a robot, they may feel less inclined to make a purchase.

Asking the right questions can also help your sales agent learn more about the customer. 3C Contact Services advises that a sales agent who is attentive and takes a genuine interest is far more likely to make a sale and leave the customer satisfied so they will come back again.

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