Sales Rebuttals for “Not Interested” Prospects

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Sales Rebuttals for “Not Interested” Prospects

Nobody likes hearing the word no, especially not eager salespeople who are just trying to boost their monthly metrics and make a profit for their companies. In a perfect world, you won’t ever have to deal with objections from your prospects. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world. As always, it’s better to be prepared for the inevitable and have an effective objection-handling process in your arsenal.

Sales Rebuttals for “Not Interested” Prospects

What Are the Most Common Sales Objections Customers Use?

When it comes to mapping out effective sales rebuttals for “not interested” customers, it helps to know what some of the most common objections are. You’ll often hear:

  • “Right now isn’t a good time.”
  • “Your prices are too expensive.”
  • “I’m just browsing right now.”
  • “I might be interested if you add [blank] features.”
  • “I’m already in a contract with your competitor.”
  • “Your company has negative reviews.”
  • And the list goes on and on.

The bottom line is that there’s always going to be one reason or another why a customer isn’t going to purchase your product or service at any given time. The key is to take and maintain total control of the conversation, so that you can direct it in any way you want. But be discreet about it and don’t let the customer clue in that you’re in control of the interaction.

Tips for Converting “Not Interested” Customers

Listen to Their Reasoning

Listen to the reason why your customer is saying no and then respond appropriately. Let them know you understand their concerns and will do everything in your power to address them accordingly. If it’s a timing issue, see if you can reschedule the call. No matter the reason for the no, never come off as insensitive, pushy, or personally offended. Just have a respectful conversation.

Focus on Converting Your Strongest Leads

Lead generation and qualification are integral aspects of running any business. Qualified leads are those that are most likely to convert into sales. Keep them at the top of your call list and maintain a strong line of communication with them. Explain how your products and services can benefit their professional or personal lives and why they should become your customer.

Find Out Your Customers’ Preferred Communication Methods

Some customers prefer speaking to customer service and sales reps on the phone while others prefer live chat, email, or other forms of digital communication. Find out which modes of communication your customers prefer and ask them when the best time to contact them is. This will make them believe that the sales call is on their terms.

Keep in Touch from Time to Time

Even if a prospect says no right now, that doesn’t necessarily mean no forever. Sometimes they just need some time to think your offer over or pull together some funds. As long as the interactions are positive or civil, it makes sense to check in on inactive leads from time to time.

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