How to Improve a Company’s Brand Value

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How to Improve a Company’s Brand Value

How to Improve a Company’s Brand ValueThe Importance of Brand Value

What makes a company successful? Sales are without a doubt important, along with things like customer service and making sure your product or service is of high quality. But step back for a moment and think of what really breeds long-term success. It is then you will see the importance of branding.

Branding is essentially how a customer is made to identify with an organization. Think of some of the iconic companies of this era. All you have to do is say that company’s name and immediately customers will associate certain thoughts or images with that brand.

And this isn’t only the case with large, Fortune 500 companies either. Small- and medium-sized businesses can also look for ways to improve their brand value. Branding ultimately breeds loyalty, and in an era where there are so many choices for consumers, building loyalty is more important than ever.

Ways to Build Brand Value

Building brand value isn’t a simple process. It takes time and a focused effort on the part of the company to convince consumers that they are what they say they are. It takes coordination on several levels and a consistent message from within and extending out from the business. That said, it is absolutely necessary that organizations pay attention to its branding if they hope to sustain long-term success. Here are some of the ways to get this process started.

Understand Your Customers’ Needs

How can you offer your customers anything without knowing explicitly what they want? You must know your customers to the core. Beyond simple demographics like age and gender, you must work to understand your customers’ habits and behaviours. Once you understand who they are, you can work on offering products or services within your capabilities that they will need. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to create new offerings. Gaining a better understanding of your clients may lead you add a level of customer service or adjust the cost on a product. Continually meeting those customers’ needs will increase customer retention and brand loyalty.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

One way to show your customers that they are a priority to you is to conduct surveys. Your surveys should always be customer-centric and focused on ways to improve your offerings. By asking your customers how satisfied they are with their service, you gain insight into how you can improve as a brand. This insight then needs to be translated into practical actions so customers see that you have listened to their concerns and made steps to change. This builds trust along with higher customer satisfaction and brand equity. And having call centers manage this task allows for accurate results without taking any time away from your other operations.

Build Customer Loyalty Programs

American Express is one of the first companies that come to mind when thinking of established loyalty programs. When it comes to using loyalty programs to build customer loyalty and brand equity, they’ve managed to create some of the most popular programs. Once you really understand your customers’ needs, you can develop loyalty programs based around those findings. When thinking of how to improve brand awareness, having call centers execute your loyalty programs is a big help. A call center can manage all of the details and communicate with customers so they are aware of the programs and understand the benefits.

Welcome Calls to Your Customers

When rapper and businessman Jay Z started his music streaming service Tidal, he personally called many of the first groups of people to sign up. At the pace Tidal was signing up customers, it was impossible to call them all. But for your business, reaching out to every customer who signs up or makes an initial purchase is actually possible. That’s why partnering with a call center becomes valuable. Think of the impact on your brand if you personally reach out to customers over the phone. Right now, many businesses already use welcome emails as a way to deepen their connection with customers. Implementing welcome phone calls takes that connection to another level and furthers the potential for brand loyalty.

Win Back Customers/Customer Retention

It’s normal for some customers to come and go. It’s part of business. But in some cases, it’s beneficial to find out why that customer left and what you could do to get them back. Working directly with call centers helps significantly in this area. A call center can perform outbound communication to re-engage with dormant customers and determine what can be done to get them back. It may or may not be a specialized offer, or it might be something as simple as just reminding them that they are valued.

Handle Your Customer Complaints

One of the toughest parts of maintaining your brand is handling customer complaints. How you handle those complaints goes a long way in how customers remember your brand. Working with call center agents who are skilled at managing customer calls gives you a leg up on the competition. These agents will know how to manage customer complaints, including when they need to pass the call off to someone who can better handle the problem. Brand value and customer complaints go hand-in-hand. You don’t want to lose sight of your branding because of poorly handled complaints. Instead, build on the work you have put into building your brand.

Have Professionals Maintain Your Brand

Every aspect of how your company presents itself will be counted towards its branding. From the colours in its logo to how you interact with customer complaints makes equally as much of an impression. Just like you would get a professional designer to help create your logo, it’s important to work with professionals to manage the communication part of your branding efforts. 3C Contact Services are those brand professionals. We are confident we can use our services to improve brand value and customer retention. As the leading provider of outsourced call center service, 3C Contact Services works closely with our partners to create a customized customer experience strategy that is suited to both their business and budget. For more information, contact us today.