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The call center occupancy rate is one of the important metrics that call centers use to evaluate and improve their service.

The call center occupancy rate refers to the percentage of time that an agent spends dealing with customers, compared to the time they are available to take calls. For instance, with a call center agent occupancy rate of 84%, an agent is spending 84% of their time on the phone and is free to take calls for the remaining 16%.

For call centers, it’s important to increase occupancy rates. With a higher occupancy rate, agents are handling more calls and providing more service to customers. With a lower occupancy rate, an agent’s time isn’t being used efficiently. This is why call centers work to increase the occupancy rate, usually to 85% to 100%.

4 Ways to Increase Call Center Occupancy Rate

Call centers use some proven methods and techniques to boost their occupancy rate.

Monitor Call Volumes for Improved Efficiency

By monitoring call volumes, call centers can optimize their occupancy rate. One of the biggest reasons for low occupancy rates is overstaffing. Call centers experience periods with a low volume of calls, as well as other periods with a higher volume of calls. By determining peak periods, call centers can staff appropriately, having just the right number of call center agents to handle incoming calls.

Call Center Agent Utilization During Quiet Periods

Call center agents have other duties beyond simply answering the phone. There are a range of auxiliary and secondary responsibilities that call center agents may be required to perform as part of their job. By determining slow periods, call center managers can utilize agents for other duties when call volumes are low. For instance, during slow periods, some agents can be switched to handling outbound, outgoing calls.

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Call Center Outsourcing to Provide Additional Resources for Peak Periods

Many companies outsource their customer support to call centers, but some call centers actually use outsourcing too. If there are peak periods of high-volume business, call centers can keep their current level of staff and simply outsource for the busy periods. This allows them to handle high volumes of calls without overstaffing for the entire day.

Self-Service Facilities for Routine Customer Service Functions

Call centers can use self-service options, automated systems, and digital services to handle certain types of callers, such as those looking for business hours or other simple information. By using these self-service facilities, call centers can minimize call volumes during peak periods and thus prevent issues with overstaffing, securing a better occupancy call center metric rate.

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