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Donor Relations with Contact Center ServicesFor non-profit organizations, donor relations and stewardship are of the utmost importance. Donors are the lifeblood of non-profit organizations; without donations, most non-profits cannot operate or function. While for-profit businesses have to focus on customer service, non-profits need to do everything they can to foster relations with their donors. Contact center services are one method that can be used to improve donor relationships.

Importance of Improving Donor Relations

Non-profits face many particular challenges that for-profit businesses do not. Often, non-profits have limited resources and staff, which means that it can be much harder to allocate staff to some responsibilities. Staff may be stretched between many responsibilities, including new donor acquisition, administrative work, and raising awareness for their cause. Donor relations can become lost or neglected in this shuffle.

However, donor relations are one of the most important things for non-profits. Without donors, many non-profits cannot function. If non-profits do not take steps to create positive connections and relationships with their donors, then donors may easily stop supporting the organization. Often, the right donor relations can be the difference between a one-time donation and a lifetime subscription.

The relationship between a non-profit and a donor is different than the one between a business and a customer. With a business, customers are getting a service or product in return for their patronage. With a non-profit, this is not the case, so extra care has to be taken so that donors know their support is appreciated.

Ways to Improve Donor Relations and Stewardship with Contact Center Services

One of the most effective ways to improve donor relations is by using outsourced call center solutions. Contact and call centers can provide services that improve relations for affordable rates. With the right contact center solution, your non-profit can see big results.

Personal “Thank You” Calls

Donors need to know they are being appreciated. Contacting a donor and thanking them for their support is one easy but effective way to increase their satisfaction. Call centers use trained, professional staff and personalized messages to create positive relationships with donors.

Sharing Informational Pieces with Donors

The big reason why donors contribute their money and support is because they want to know that their donation is making a difference. Since your donor cares about your cause, informing them about how their donation has helped can be an effective way to foster relationships. Provide information for your donors showing why their support is so important.

Follow-up Survey Feedback

With most businesses, customers never voice their complaints before leaving. With non-profits, this is even more so the case, as donors don’t have to continue supporting your organization (whereas they may still need or desire a business’s services). Taking a proactive approach to contacting donors and getting their feedback can help highlight issues before they arise and improve your non-profit’s services.

Acknowledging Donor’s Gifts

When someone makes a donation or a gift, they want to be recognized. There is a limited amount of time for non-profits to recognize donors, before feelings of being unappreciated come up. With every individual gift that a donor gives, a call center will contact a donor and acknowledge their support. With lifetime subscriptions, an occasional call can be a welcome surprise.

Outsourced Call Center Solutions to Improve Donor Relations and Stewardship

3C Contact Services offers donor relations services that can help improve your non-profit’s relationships with your supporters. At 3C, we use trained, professional agents who can provide multi-channel support (phone, email, live chat, etc.) and multi-lingual service. 3C Contact Services performs both inbound and outbound calls, meaning we can take a more proactive approach to improve your non-profit’s relations. We also offer cross-selling, upselling, and other sales services.

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