How to Get a Gourmet Meal for Fast Food Prices 3CContact Services 2016-08-18 21:59:13 Blog
How to Get a Gourmet Meal for Fast Food Prices

How to Get a Gourmet Meal for Fast Food Prices

Steven May 7th, 2014

You’ve doubtlessly seen meals in luxurious restaurants, thought that they were out of your price range, and simply headed to the nearest McFranchise. You may think the same thing about receiving cost-effective call center service—that you have to pay top dollar if you want the best service.

That’s not the case with 3C Contact Services, the top provider of outsourced call center solutions. We offer our gourmet call center solutions at fast food prices; think of our service as getting a meal at a four-star restaurant for the same prices you would pay for items on a value menu.

It’s our mission to provide the best service at an affordable rate. At 3C, we specialize in strategies designed specifically for customer retention and generating new leads. Our high-tech contact centers use the latest technology and we’re constantly looking to the future, applying the latest innovations before our competition does. Much like gourmet restaurants always look for the latest food trend, we take the same approach to technology.

A four-star restaurant offers the best meals and we provide world-class customer service to small- and medium-sized businesses with our warm and friendly agents. Think of them as the servers who give each customer a satisfactory experience, much like dining at a restaurant, but without the high cost and tips.

We employ a large, highly educated, friendly Canadian workforce. Our specialty is providing outsourcing solutions that are ideally suited to our clients’ needs. We offer a rich menu of services, so you’re sure to discover what you’re looking for. Whether it’s a small project or something large scale, you’ll find something that is more than satisfying.

Like a good waiter, our contact center professionals provide effective communication to our valued clients, taking the time to listen and explain everything. We work to keep your business running effectively with our combination of resources and experience. With 30 years of experience in the call center trade, we know a thing or two about the business!

Providing excellence in business is the primary building block of our organization; in fact, it should be the building blocks of any business! We provide support for our partners in a number of areas that vary from customer service right through to IT-related services, such as e-mail management.

Best of all, you’ll find all this at an affordable price. 3C Contact Services is truly an upscale call center that offers low McPrices.

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