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Best known as the captain of the starship Enterprise in the classic Star Trek series and movies, Captain James T. Kirk would doubtlessly find much to admire about 3C Contact Services, the leading provider of outsourced contact services. In fact, he would probably ask our contact center representatives to join him on the Enterprise’s five-year mission.

Unlike other call centers, 3C’s services “boldly go” where no other call center has gone before. Holding onto existing customers in your business’ Federation is extremely important; that’s why the Prime Directive of our level-one representatives is to give our partners the best customer retention strategies in the business.

Our level-one agents can be compared to other call centers’ level-two agents. Much like the crew of the Enterprise, they go above and beyond the call of duty. However, we also recognize the importance of gaining new customers; that’s why our representatives offer sales services to add to your Federation of clients.

Our representatives set their phasers to “wow,” stunning our customers with amazing service. This year alone, 3C has received 13 customer testimonials praising our superior service.

Over the years, saying a character in a movie or television show is a “red shirt” has become shorthand for saying they are expendable, because in the original Star Trek series, crew members wearing red shirts were often quickly killed. With 30 years of proven success in the call center business, 3C wouldn’t be the member of the away team wearing a red shirt; we would be Kirk himself, leading the charge.

Much like the future that Star Trek takes place in, technology in the call center business evolves at warp speed. At 3C, we are constantly evolving our business as well, having been at the forefront of every technological innovation thanks to our forward-facing approach. We will continue to look to the future and adopt new technology before out competition has even considered it.

3C even has its own Scotty in the form of our IT manager, Syed Ali. Ali is a miracle worker who keeps our entire operation running smoothly. Having our IT operate as effectively as the Enterprise’s warp engine ensures that our customers will receive a prompt response to e-mails and that our representatives can assist our clients effectively.

We have some of the most advanced, state-of-the-art call center technology in the business, and Ali brings an unparalleled level of expertise to our operation.

Combine all this, and 3C is an operation that Captain Kirk would be proud to helm. Imagine what we can do for your business; with 3C Contact Services, success is the final frontier!

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