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Power Words in Customer Service

Power words are an important tool in customer service interactions. They can be used across various platforms, including direct face-to-face communication, advertisements, emails, social media, chatlines, and, most importantly, during call center telephone conversations.

Effective communication is essential for customer service and a lack of communication can be detrimental to a business.

In this post, we discuss the benefits of using power words during customer service interactions and how they can boost a brand’s reputation and help businesses retain consumers.

Understanding Power Words in Customer Service

Power words are words that elicit an emotional or psychological response in a person. Whether used to draw attention or to influence a choice, power words can boost a brand when used correctly or damage a company’s reputation if used in the wrong context. This is the significance of power words.

Studies have shown that words have the ability to activate specific areas of the brain to trigger an emotional response. In the business world, it’s important to choose your words wisely. Words can inspire a consumer to become engaged in your brand and increase conversions.

The Importance of Using Power Words in Customer Service

Power words can make all the difference between a happy customer and an unhappy customer. You can build confidence in a company’s products or services by connecting with customers on an emotional level. Here’s how power words can be used in customer service.

Builds a Positive First Impression

In most cases, a business may only get one chance to make a good first impression, especially when a customer interacts with the customer service department. Using positive power words to engage a customer in a conversation can begin building customer trust and loyalty.

The first step is to use a tone of voice that is genuine, welcoming, and appreciative. Let the customer know that you appreciate their time, interest, and support in your business. Customer service representatives should ensure all customer interactions are in line with the company’s directive, whether going off-script or sticking to the written narrative.

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Enhances Communication Clarity

Oftentimes during a telephone conversation with a customer, the lines of communication can become cloudy leading to misunderstandings. The customer service representative must understand the needs and any concerns of the customer and vice versa. Power words play an effective role in clear and concise communication.

Using words and terms such as “I understand how frustrating/concerning/confusing that must be” and “I completely understand why you’d want that” relays to the customer that they are being heard. Repeating the concern or message back to the customer with “Let me check that I’ve got this right” or “If I’ve understood correctly” provides clarity to the call.

Fosters Empathy and Understanding

When using power words in a conversation, it’s important to have empathy. Positive language through active listening shows empathy without being patronizing or undiscerning. When fostering empathy, it should come across as a natural and genuine response.

Tactfully using power words such as “I understand”, “I will”, “I can”, “I acknowledge”, “I appreciate”, and “I assure you” throughout the entire conversation is a big part of building rapport. A customer wants and deserves to be heard and understood in their quest for support from a customer service department.

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Resolves Issues with Diplomacy

In times when customer interactions require diplomacy, the significance of power words becomes apparent. When customers become irate, impatient, and/or frustrated with the service they receive or with a product, customer service representatives must resolve the issues through tactful negotiations.

Using power words that evoke empathy while instilling active listening techniques can make a challenging discussion that much more productive. In the conversation, using words such as “I appreciate”, “I understand”, “I value”, and “I recognize” can create transparency. Representatives must remain calm and composed to reconcile a positive outcome.

Utilizes Upselling and Cross-Selling Techniques

When upselling a customer, use active listening to understand the specific needs or potential appeal of a customer’s interests. If a resolution was met, use the positive outcome as a springboard to cross-sell a particular product or service.

Again, power words can help navigate this approach through compelling recommendations and an energetic tone. Customers feel more inclined to listen and positively react to the options presented with power words such as “urgency”, “limit”, “now”, and “opportunity”.

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Creates Personalization

Power words in customer service can have a larger impact when they are personalized. Basing options, solutions, and potential cross-selling opportunities on an individual customer’s preferences can build a loyal and long-lasting relationship.

Using the customer’s name, recalling past purchases, and thanking them for their time and interest can not only enhance the customer experience but also make the customer feel valued. The best customer service uses personalized communication tailored to their needs and desired products and services.

Builds Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty takes time, energy, and commitment on the part of a company. To retain customers and make a good impression on potential new ones, power words can become part of the loyalty language in all forms of communication.

To build brand loyalty, companies need to ensure their positive values equate to positive actions on their part. In addition, brand loyalty can be built through appreciation, acknowledgement, and gratitude in thanking the customer each and every time they interact with your brand with a genuine and positive response.

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