The Benefits of Multi-Skilled Agents

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Ask any manager and they will tell you that call center agents with multiple skills add many benefits to an organization; for instance, they can improve both business efficiency and increase profits. However, finding the right way to develop your agents’ skills can be a challenge.

3C Contact Services polled our partners and created the following list of the best methods and benefits for using agents with multiple skills.

Redirect Calls

A call center agent’s skills can help to determine which type of calls they are best suited to handle. It also makes covering for a sick agent easier. Another advantage is that it will make directing calls much easier; you can route a call to the agent the customer last spoke to or one with similar skills so they receive the same degree of expertise.

Reduce Boredom

If your call center agents are only handling one type of call, they could quickly become bored with their job. Having multiple skills will help your agents stay engaged, challenged, and satisfied with their position.

Improve the Number of Calls and E-Mails

If your call center agents’ skills are vast, they will be able to handle calls in a more efficient manner and keep things running smoothly throughout the day. A call center agent’s job now also includes answering e-mails, and if an agent has multiple skills, they can answer e-mails in an efficient manner.

Help With Training

As a call center manager, you have a lot on your plate. Employing call center agents with multiple skills means that you can delegate the training of new agents to them. Shadowing an experienced agent is an excellent way for new hires to learn the necessary skills for the position and develop multiple skills themselves.

Career Advancement

Call center agents who decide to pursue other opportunities or those looking to career advancement within your organization must have well-rounded skills highlighted on their resume.

Let Your Agents Develop Their Skills

If your agents have multiple skills, their strengths and weaknesses will become clearer and then you can assign them accordingly. You can even allow them a degree of control based on their interests to streamline and develop their training and the duties that they’ll be focusing on. Just be cautious of this since they may choose to focus on one product or service exclusively.

Start out slowly and gradually introduce more skills as their experience grows. The agents who are fast learners will quickly become clear. For the agents who take a bit more time, learning at their own pace will help them to develop their skills and you can gradually introduce new ones.