Tips to Avoid Customer Service Nightmares

3C Contact Services, the Leading Provider of Call Center Services, Offers Tips to Avoid Customer Service Nightmares

Posted by on May 27th, 2015

Toronto, Ontario, May 27, 2015 – 3C Contact Services (, North America’s premier cost-effective provider of contact center solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, is providing tips for managers who are looking to improve customer service at their call centers this summer.

“Unfortunately, many people have call center horror stories,” says Damian Reyes, customer service manager for 3C Contact Services Inc. “Fortunately, there are steps that call center managers can take to improve their agents’ customer service skills and avoid headaches for both their employees and customers.”

The most important thing an agent can do, according to Reyes, is communicate with the customer clearly.

“Be honest and don’t offer excuses if any issues arise,” says Reyes. “For instance, if there’s a delay in getting the customers’ order to them, explain this, apologize, and perhaps offer a discount on their next order.”

Reyes adds that call center agents should have the ability to think quickly, as situations can arise throughout the day that require them to stay on their toes. And they shouldn’t make any promises they can’t deliver on.

“There’s nothing worse than telling a customer their order will arrive by a certain date and not being able to back that up. If your agent makes a mistake, they must own up to it, apologize to the client, and find a way to make amends,” says Reyes, who notes that this type of situation can be a valuable learning experience for your agent, meaning they’re more likely to avoid making similar mistakes in the future.

“Humility and self-awareness are two of the most important customer service skills an agent can develop. If the agent refuses to take responsibility, the client’s response may just be to take their business elsewhere,” concludes Reyes. “What’s even worse—a poor customer service experience could show up online and that may just cause a company to lose business.”

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