3C Contact Services Weighs in on New Customer Service Rankings for Businesses

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3C Contact Services (www.3CContactServices.com), North America’s premier cost-effective provider of contact center solutions for small- and medium-sized businesses, is weighing in on the results of a new survey that scored major companies on their customer service.

A survey of over 12,000 telecom customers found that many of these customers are not satisfied with the services they receive, giving major providers very low customer satisfaction scores. Among cable companies, Mediacom and Time Warner Cable both received scores below 60 on a 100-point scale, with the score taking into account customers’ opinions on the company’s products and services, as well as the customer support they provide. (Source: Huddleston Jr., T., “This Is the Cable Company With the Lowest Customer Satisfaction Score,” Forbes, June 01, 2016; http://fortune.com/2016/06/01/mediacom-customer-satisfaction/.)

“Customer service problems can be a huge issue for many businesses, particularly in certain industries,” says Steven Facey, general manager at 3C Contact Services. “It’s not uncommon to hear about telecom providers having a poor reputation for customer service, and these new survey results show that there is an issue in the industry.”

Among subscription TV providers, Verizon Communications’ Fios service received the highest customer satisfaction score. However, even the Fios service only received a score of 70 out of 100.

“Low customer satisfaction means less revenue and profit,” Facey explains. “A lot of companies neglect their customer service, but when looking at case studies and data, its customer satisfaction which often makes a business a success or failure. One of the easiest ways to increase revenue is simply by improving customer service.”

The telecom sector as a whole received a customer satisfaction score of 70.1 out of 100. While the score is not considered great, it is an improvement over the previous year, with an increase of 1.9%.

“The improved score is a good sign that companies are making changes to improve customer service,” Facey observes. “Often, simple changes can have a big effect for businesses. Something as easy as exploring new call center services or implementing a live chat system on the company web site can improve a customer’s experience.”

The survey also found that within the telecom sector, internet providers scored worse than cable companies and phone service providers. According to Facey, this may be due to internet providers neglecting over-the-phone customer service, despite being more likely to use live chats, email, and online marketing.

“One would expect internet providers to have the best customer service, but that’s not the case,” Facey concludes. “It’s a reminder that it’s important to pay attention to providing good customer service on all channels, with a need to be able to meet customers on their terms.”

3C Contact Services provides its partners’ agents with the necessary customer service skills needed to resolve a number of situations.