Why Your Company Should “Pay it Forward”

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You’ve doubtlessly heard about how entrepreneurs like Bill Gates are heavily involved in charity work. He’s just one of several billionaire businessmen who gives back to the community.

3C Contact Services, the top provider of outsourced call center solutions, tells their partners that they should follow Gates and others’ examples and “pay it forward” for several reasons:

  1. It will improve the view of your company:

    Just look at the positive view that the world has of Bill Gates. They may not be thrilled with Microsoft’s products sometimes, but at least they know that Gates is doing good work for the less fortunate. Potential clients will take the same view if you’re charitable, as will your existing clients and the general public, who may just become customers.

  2. Makes company likable, transfers into sales:

    If the general public has a positive view of you because you divert part of your profits to charity, they’re far more likely to invest in your products and services.

  3. Company morale:

    Knowing that the organization they work for is doing charitable work makes employees want to stay. Fundraising can also be an excellent team-building exercise that brings your workers closer together and encourages their creativity.

  4. Marketing strategy:

    From a business perspective, doing charity work is also good way to make other companies want to partner with you, which can lead to partnership opportunities. In addition, mentioning your organization’s charity work in marketing materials will make potential customers sit up and take notice.

  5. Tax reasons:

    On a more superficial note, your organization can use charitable donations as a tax write-off.

  6. Opportunity to give back:

    Charity work gives your company the chance to give back to the community and show that you care. It also gives you the chance to give some of the money your clients invested in the organization back.

  7. Community support and good will:

    Best of all, if your company starts doing charitable work, you’ll have the support of the community, whether you’re a small local business or an international corporation, as well as their good will.

When looking for charities to give to, look for ones that people may not be aware of. It will go a long way to help your organization’s image if you bring attention to a cause that the public may not have known about.

Relief following natural disasters is another way for your company to be charitable. 3C Contact Services also recommends organizing clothing and food drives around the holidays as well.