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Why You Should Outsource Your Live-Answering Service in the Real Estate Industry

Why You Should Outsource Your Live-Answering Service in the Real Estate Industry

Steven August 16th, 2016

real estate live-answering serviceReal Estate Live-Answering Services

Time is what real estate agents and investors value more than almost anything. They need to be able to prioritize effectively with closing sales, do showings, and prep any paperwork for their clients. Outsourcing a real estate live-answering service frees up a lot of valuable time for realtors and allows them to focus on other aspects of their work.

But, it’s about more than just freeing up time; we understand how important it is to real estate agents and investors that these calls are managed well. Real estate call center services from 3C Contact Services ensures that calls from potential buyers, inspectors, or from people hoping to schedule appointments are handled competently and in a way that is representative of the quality of service you offer.

Benefits of a Live-Answering Service for Real Estate Agents

Reducing the Travelling Factor

With you being constantly on the move doing showings, meeting with clients, marketing yourself and your properties, it’s likely that some calls are going to be missed. But one of the great benefits of a real estate phone-answering service is that you don’t ever have to worry about missing a single call. We’ll be able to field all of your calls, manage the conversation, and route the calls appropriately when need be.

24/7 Live-Answering Service

This is a new world in which constant availability is expected. We know that’s not necessarily possible since you’re only one person, but working with a realtor answering service means you can maintain availability 24/7. This gives you a competitive edge on your competition who can only take calls as long as they’re awake.

Importance for Property Rentals

The rental market is surging not just in Toronto but across North America. That means agents are busier than ever as they try to keep up with what can be an unmanageable demand of their time from rental clients. This is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of our realtor answer service. The reach this service offers you is invaluable to your real estate business.

Maintain Good Customer Support

Clients today expect a high degree of customer support. As a realtor, customer support shouldn’t end once the sale is over. You need to maintain the lines of communication. That comes both from being proactive in checking in on your clients, and being responsive to their inquiries. A live-answering service with well-trained agents can make that happen.

Scheduling Appointments

As a real estate agent, it’s important you meet with as many leads as possible. The industry is competitive, and clients often make decisions based on their trust in you as an agent and how they vibe with you one on one. This is their home or property, so it’s something they treasure. Support from a realtor answering service can be huge to increasing the volume of potential leads that you are able to meet face to face.

Track Various Marketing Efforts

You always want to track how effective you are at converting phone calls into actual business. Tracking that information is difficult as a solo agent answering calls on the fly. But, with a live-answering service, it becomes possible to accurately measure how well you are converting leads.

Intelligent Routing

Our agents are confident that they will be able to answer any of the questions clients put forth. In the instances when there is a need to route a call to the appropriate personnel, we will be sure to direct the client to the precise person who will be able to answer their inquiries.

3C Contact Services offers all this to clients. We are able to help real estate agents improve their output and better focus their efforts. If you are a real estate agent, contact us now, and we’ll let you know how we can help make your business better.

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