How Retailers Can Improve Customer Loyalty with Call Center Services

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customer loyalty program retail industryThe importance of customer loyalty in retail can’t be overstated. Customers are faced with more choices than ever, which makes keeping them attached to your brand a challenge. But the challenge is certainly worth it. Loyal customers spend 60% more on average than first time customers. They are also less expensive to keep: about 10 times less expensive according to recent research.

This means that as a retailer, you need to do what you can to keep your customers loyal. Building customer loyalty programs in the retail industry needs to be focused and consistent. Some research sites a 10% loss in revenue for inconsistent programs. That’s significant for any business, but small businesses in particular will suffer greatly if they are not more thorough in its delivery of these programs.

Another means of improving customer loyalty is working with a retail customer loyalty call center. Retail call centers have consistent contact with your customers and are a reflection of your brand. Working with the right call center presents the opportunity for a high level of customer service. This has been proven as a deciding factor in customers staying loyal.

Benefits of Outsourced Customer Loyalty Program to Retailers

Allows Employees to Focus on Core Competency

Your business won’t have to ask any of its employees to take on this task. This means they can stay focused on what they do best.

Saves Time

There is large amounts of customer data that comes out of loyalty programs. Outsourced customer loyalty providers can maximize the efficiency in handling this information.

Cost Savings

The cost of training employees on how to implement this program alone can be considerable. Bringing in a third party like 3C, we already have the experience and the tools necessary to get these programs off the ground.

Customized Loyalty Program as Per the Requirement

It’s always best to tailor the loyalty program as much as you can to the specific demographic of the customer. Executing this efficiently can be difficult for current employees. Outsourcing is the better option.

Ensure a Smooth Experience for the Customer

The execution and overall experience of the loyalty program is crucial to the maintained loyalty of the customer. The experience of an outsourced company like 3C Contact Services helps to make the entire experience a smooth one.

Data Security

The breach of any secured data is a huge concern. On the flip side of that, this data can be used as a significant advantage in your approach to customers if used correctly. An outsourced agency should be able to both protect this data and maximize its utilization.

360-Degree Customer Service

A customer loyalty program is just one aspect of customer care. An outsourcing company should be able to successfully manage all facets of customer care as a positive reflection of your brand.

Tracking the Success of Customer Loyalty Program

Analytics matter. They let you know how effective your loyalty program is and where it can improve. Retrieving these analytics is part of the job of an outsourced agency.

Increased Customer Lifetime Value

Your goal is to keep these customers content with your product and assess their continued value. A company like 3C Contact Services understands how to use info from the customer database to your company’s benefit.

Raise Customer Loyalty with 3C Contact Solutions’ Call Center Services for Retail

Customer loyalty comes down to developing an emotional connection between customers and brand. People want to feel comfortable with the brand that they are making purchases. 3C Contact Services helps to deepen that connection and increase the lifetime value of a customer through loyalty programs and a high level of overall customer service.

If your business is looking to implement customer loyalty programs in the retail sector, call us now at 1-888-353-2335.