Warning: Your Comfort Zone Has Been Breached 3CContact Services 2016-08-18 21:59:12 Blog
Warning: Your Comfort Zone Has Been Breached

Warning: Your Comfort Zone Has Been Breached

Steven August 21st, 2014

After you’ve been at a job for a few months or years, you may just settle into a comfort zone. And why not? If you’re still getting good performance evaluations and raises, why should you make any move out of the comfortable rut you’ve allowed yourself to settle into?

As the leading provider of outsourced call center solutions, 3C Contact Services Inc. knows that allowing yourself to settle into a comfort zone, regardless of whether you’re an employee or employer, can lead to falling behind in business. In today’s rapidly changing business world, that is the last thing you want to happen.

Luckily, we have the following tips for our partners to help them break out of their comfort zone:

  1. You have a voice; be heard, speak up in meetings, and stand up for your point:

    One of the biggest signs of being in a comfort zone is to just sit unobtrusively in meetings. If you have an idea, don’t be afraid to stand up and let everyone know about it. And don’t back down if someone challenges you on it.

  2. You have a lot to offer; Extend yourself socially to managers and executives:

    You were hired for the role you’re in now because the management saw potential in you when they brought you on board; start to prove them right! Start speaking to managers and executives in your organization about any ideas you may have. Showing you have an interest in the operations of the company and you want to get more involved will impress the higher ups and present opportunities for advancement.

  3. Don’t be afraid of failure. Success comes with taking calculated risks:

    One of the biggest things preventing a lot of workers from venturing out of their comfort zone is a fear of failure. You cannot let this hold you back. Yes, carefully think your idea through, but don’t hesitate in implementing it or going to management with your idea.

It should also be noted that showing initiative and leadership skills is an excellent way to advance within your organization.

If you should ever decide to leave your current position, you’ll move to the lead of other candidates if you show that you took charge at your previous job and didn’t just go in every day and do your job.

There’s nothing wrong with getting comfortable at a job, but this also isn’t an excuse to get complacent. 3C Contact Services Inc. constantly tells its partners to keep moving forward in order to remain competitive.

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