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Statistically Speaking, You Need to Provide Good Customer Service

Statistically Speaking, You Need to Provide Good Customer Service

Steven July 30th, 2015

Good Customer ServiceStatistics play a big role in the world of business. For instance, when polled by, nearly two thirds of customers felt that many businesses aren’t focused on providing their clients with the best business.

According to another survey by Help Scout, 80% of businesses think that they’re providing their customers with the best service while only eight percent of the customers agree with this sentiment. To keep up with changing demands, call centers need to invest in improving their agents’ customer service skills. There are a number of channels your organization can use to improve customer service. Here are just a few of the statistics:

  • By 2020, the level of service customers receive will become more important than price when it comes to building loyalty.
  • Customer service jobs should be focussed on retaining existing customers as opposed to obtaining new ones. It’s 6 to 7 times more expensive to find a new client than it is to hold on to an existing one. By all means, seek out new clients but make every effort to hold on to ones you have.
  • Just a 10% growth in customer retention can increase the value of your business by up to 30%.
  • Not only will improving your agents’ customer service skills help with retention, it’s also the best word-of-mouth advertising. If your existing clients rate your company highly, they are 97% more likely to let their family and friends know about their positive experience.
  • On the other side of the coin, an overwhelming 89% of customers said that they would jump ship to a competitor if they had a negative experience.
  • Emphasize that customer service jobs involve making the client feel as though their time is valuable. 65% of customers say that if an organization values their time, it is the best way they can provide good service.
  • Not surprisingly, over 90% of the customers said they would buy from a company again if they received a positive experience.

One of the more disappointing findings was that a mere one percent of the customers surveyed feel that their needs are being met. On the hand, 90% of the companies surveyed said that providing their customers with the best service was integral to their success.

Improving your agents customer service skills could also help to improve your bottom line; 58% of the customers surveyed said they would be willing to spend a little more if they received better service. In fact, 74% of customers will spend more if they receive good service.

If your customers receive a negative experience, they’re far more likely to share that experience with 10 or more people half of the time. Add any possible negative reviews on social media to that and the numbers go up considerably.

In the U.S. alone, companies lose $41.0 billion in sales annually due to poor customer service, again emphasizing the importance of delivering the best possible service to your customers.

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Peccolo, Gigi, “25 Statistics on the Power of Positive Customer Service,” Business 2 Community, July 23, 2015,

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