The Importance of First Call Resolution

The Importance of First Call Resolution

Posted by on Jun 23rd, 2015

3C Contact ServicesWhat is first call resolution? Quite simply, it’s resolving any issues the customer may have the first time they contact your call center—this eliminates the need for the customer to follow up with subsequent calls and e-mails.

As a call center manager, you probably use call tracking analytics to measure how long your agents spend on each call. Both the agent and the client want to spend as little time as possible on a call, but some call center agents may sacrifice resolving the call in the name of efficiency.

As 3C Contact Services tells its partners, there are a number of reasons why call centers should further promote the benefits of first call resolution at their contact centers:

First Call Resolution: Why it’s Best for Your Call Center

It will save your call center money

Customers who have to call back for a second or third time to resolve their issues will inflate the call volume at your center. If this happens enough times, you may need to hire additional agents to solve their problems.

Customer satisfaction

Your agents should strive for efficiency. According to a study by Customer Relationship Metrics, customer satisfaction can drop by as much as 45% if your customer needs to make a follow-up call!

Avoid agent burnout and high turnover rate

In addition to the follow-up calls being a source of frustration for your customers, these types of calls can also increase the call volume at your call center. If your agents frequently have to deal with frustrated customers, this could eventually contribute to a higher turnover rate at your organization. Your company will then have to spend more money to hire and train new agents.

First Call Resolution Tips

There are a number of ways you can track whether or not calls are being resolved the first time a customer reaches out:

  • Call monitoring and quality measurement
  • Provide your agents with the right resources: For example, have your agents conduct a voluntary customer satisfaction survey at the end of the call. The customers will be able to answer whether or not they felt their concerns were adequately addressed.
  • In addition to resolving the caller’s issue, your agents should provide your customers with a link to the frequently asked questions section on your web site. Oftentimes, many of the questions the customers may have can further be addressed online.

Following these tips will give your call center a chance to improve first call resolution and help your agents learn how to address customer concerns the first time around.

As a leading provider of outsourced call center solutions, 3C Contact Services provides its partners with first call resolution tips, tricks, and training so calls will move along in an efficient manner—the first time around. Contact us today for more information on our contact center solutions and first call resolution services.