The Connection Between Contact Center Agent Satisfaction and Customer Satisfaction

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3C Contact Services_image_061615There’s a connection between call center agent satisfaction and happy customers. As the leading provider of outsourced call center solutions, 3C Contact Services tells our partners that they should focus on providing a positive environment for the agents at their contact center. We have a number of strategies our partners can employ to greatly improve their work environment and create a positive call center that your agents will look forward to coming to every day.

Happy Agents Perform Better

An agent at a contact center has many skills, which might include being pleasant to customers, no matter what the circumstances. If they’re able to communicate with a customer who’s upset and provide them with a solution to their problem, the customer will be happy and will keep coming back. But if an agent isn’t happy, their performance and relationship with your customers will suffer. The customer may feel their concerns aren’t being addressed adequately and they may take their business elsewhere.

If you invest in providing your agents with a positive environment you can spend less time and capital on training and reduce absentee rates. Plus, once word spreads that you provide a great work environment, the best talent will seek out opportunities at your company.

Stop Focusing on Time Spent on Calls

A contact center agent’s duties include spending as little time as possible on calls, while managers closely monitor the number of calls that are waiting. However, there should be less of a focus on call metrics and more on customer satisfaction. Customers want to feel as though your agents genuinely care about their needs.

Try to resolve calls as quickly as possible, but take the time to make sure that the customer knows that their concerns are being addressed. At the end of the call, have agents ask the customer if they’ve answered all their questions and find out if they have any other questions or concerns. Asking them to rate their experience is another way to gauge customer satisfaction.

Highlight Positive Reinforcement

Display positive signage that reinforces your organization’s values, which can include announcements about upcoming birthdays and other important events.

If your agents receive positive customer feedback, such as praise from your clients, be sure to display it prominently. This will go a long way in creating a positive environment for a contact center agent. Knowing that customers are happy with the service they are receiving and that your agents’ efforts are appreciated will boost company morale. Make sure to let your agents know how they can improve their attitude if you notice any negativity, such as being rude to customers and being apathetic.

Remember, if your agents are happy and enjoy their job, this will translate into happy customers and boost your organization’s bottom line.