How a Call Center Agent is Like a Superhero

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Call Center Agent They provide you with assistance when you need it, and often, you don’t even know their true identity. No, we aren’t talking about a superhero like Batman or Spider-Man, but rather a call center agent.

Just because someone doesn’t wear a costume or have amazing abilities doesn’t mean that they aren’t a hero. For many, that voice you talk to on the other end of the line or on instant messenger has a lot in common with costumed heroes who save the day in the pages of comic books and on the big screen.

One of the most common tropes of a superhero’s origin story is that he undergoes years of training to acquire his skills. In the case of heroes like Batman and the Green Arrow, they spent many years acquiring their fighting, archery, and detective skills. 3C Contact Services and our partners believe that, like a comic book hero, a call center agent should receive training before they are sent out into a call center to help customers. Just look at the disastrous results when an untrained hero heads out onto the streets in movies like Kick-Ass.

A call center agent has more in common with a superhero other than being highly trained;


Superheroes like Superman don’t fight crime or save the world for personal gain. In Supes’ case, protecting the citizens of Metropolis from the nefarious schemes of villains like Lex Luthor is his number one priority.

For a call center agent, the top priority is the customer. While helping someone to deal with an issue may not be the same as Iron-Man thwarting the Mandarin’s latest attempt to take over the world, it can still leave the customer feeling as though the agent has saved the day.

Agent “Spider Sense”

One of Spider-Man’s most famous abilities is his ability to detect danger. Call center agents have this same sixth sense as well; they are trained to recognize difficult situations, such as when a customer is not happy with their product and service, and know how to handle it successfully. Over time, this becomes second nature for them and they will respond to difficult situations without thinking. And they don’t have to be bit by a radioactive spider for it to work!

Respect for Customers

Even though their alter-egos are super-rich playboys, both Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark have a deep respect for the people they fight to protect. They use their skills–and in Stark’s case, high-tech suit of armour–to help people.

A call center agent has a deep respect for their customers, being honest with them and realizing that clients are looking for reliable service, which the agent strives to provide. Agents represent the company they work for by providing a positive image to the public.

A Sense of Humility

Many superheroes have amazing powers, yet they do not lose sight of the fact that they are using their powers for good.

3C Contact Services and its partners strive to instill a sense of humility into our agents, working to provide customers with the best service while avoiding the limelight. And like many superheroes, knowing that they went above and beyond to help a customer is reward enough.