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Inbound Call Center

Inbound Call CenterWhen you’re looking for an  inbound call center in Toronto for your business, there are several things that you have to consider.

Inbound call center services can be essential for growing businesses. Customer service is an important part of nearly every business, particularly ones that are still making a name for themselves. Often, businesses that are growing can struggle with trying to handle influxes of customers. They may not have the staff, budget, or experience to provide effective customer service to these customers, which is where using inbound call centers comes into play.

Not every inbound call center is built the same. Some inbound call centers are built to provide a level of service above the rest.

Tips for Building a Top Inbound Call Center

When building a top inbound call center, there are several things that are required to reach the highest standards. Inbound call centers that use these building blocks can provide a high level of service to growing businesses.

Experienced Inbound Call Center Agents

Customer service is a field that takes both experience and skill. Call centers should use experienced professionals who can effectively handle customers in a range of different industries and fields.

Team Up Call Center Agents

One way to improve the service that an agent provides is by creating teams of agents. When agents are grouped in a team, they can learn from each other, provide more consistent service to customers, and handle problems more efficiently.

Ongoing Training Opportunities to Agents

Regular training ensures that call center agents continue to develop their skills and improve on the service they provide to customers. Training can focus on agent’s weak spots, helping boost their overall performance.

Empower Call Center Agents to Make Decisions

Effective customer service needs to be flexible, which means call center agents need to be able to go off-script, tailor their calls for specific customers, and make decisions. When call center agents are limited or constrained, customer service suffers.

Workspace for Your Contact Center Agents

Part of providing effective customer service is ensuring your agent’s have the right workspace. This includes a distraction-free environment, cutting-edge technology, and the right tools to perform their jobs.

Process for Elements of Your Inbound Call Center

Customer service requires clearly defined goals and objectives. Call centers should have a process in place to determine their objectives and to help measure success of their service and agents.


In today’s age, call centers need to be able to contact customers through a multi-channel approach, using phones, live chats, and e-mail. The best call centers meet customers on their terms.

Cost of Building an Inbound Call Center

Since the right staff and infrastructure is needed, building a call center requires an investment. There are four areas which make up the bulk of costs.


Call centers need to have the right tools and technology to provide high-level service. This means phones, computers, high-speed Internet, software, and industry technology.


Experienced professionals need to be hired and offered competitive salaries. A good agent will end up returning much more value to a call center than an inexperienced or poorly trained employee.

Facilities/Real Estate

Having the right working environment is important. Call centers need to use the right facilities, ensuring a distraction-free working environment for employees and a layout conducive to providing customer service.


As call centers rely on the internet and phone, utilities are a factor that cannot be ignored in this industry.

Inbound Call Center Service for Toronto

If you are looking for a top call center that can match the needs of your company, 3C Contact Services can provide the services you need. Our contact center offers both dedicated and shared agents who can provide a range of inbound and outbound services.

Building your own customer service team can be prohibitively expensive, but using call center services can be done at affordable rates. At 3C Contact Services, we offer a range of service levels to meet the needs of both small and large businesses.

As the leading provider of outsourced call center solutions, 3C Contact Services teaches its partners the necessary customer service skills needed to engage and retain customers and clients. Call us today at 1-888-353-2335.

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