How Asking the Right Questions to Customers Can Help Your Business

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Customer service may seem like a pretty straightforward concept to some, but taking the right steps to execute it is a little more complex than just listening to questions, and spewing out pre-prepared responses. While there aren’t really any wrong questions, there are right ones—and asking the right questions to customers can actually improve their overall customer service experience. So, what are the “right” customer service questions to ask a customer, and why should you bother to ask them? Keep on reading to find out.

Importance of Asking the Right Questions in Customer Service

While customer support lines are generally designed to answer questions from customers and resolve their issues¸ customer service agents can reciprocate and think of questions to ask customers to get to know them, and better understand their problem at hand. When a customer calls in with problem they need a solution to, representatives should ask questions to learn more about their specific situation in order to be able to help them as best they can—but what type of questions can they ask to get the information they need?

asking the right questions to customers

How Can Customer Service Agents Help Your Business by Asking the Right Questions?

They Can Clarify the Problem

First off, customer care agents can ask questions for clarification, to ensure they have a correct understanding of the problem—this is an exceptionally important step in thinking about which questions to ask, because neither the agent nor the customer wants to waste time finding and implementing a solution that’s not related to the problem in the first place. If representatives fail to ask questions for clarification and spend 20 minutes explaining a solution only to realize that they’re not addressing the right issue, this can frustrate customers and make it seem like your customer support is careless and inattentive.

They Can Learn More About the Problem

Some issues aren’t as straightforward as they may seem, so asking questions to learn more about the problem is usually a good idea. Sometimes, the smallest issues can make a difference in how a situation is solved.

They Can Pinpoint the Root Cause

Asking follow-up or “funneling” questions can help representatives delve deeper into an issue, and get a closer look at the problem. Asking things like “What happened after you did this step?” or “Have you experienced this issue in the past?” can give agents an insight into the customer’s recurring problems, and maybe help them identify an overarching cause.

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