5 Ways Using a Call Center Can Grow Your Business

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People with headsetsWhen looking to grow or expand your business, contracting out your customer service to a dedicated call center can bring your company to the next level. Many business owners do not realize how shoddy customer service can be costing them money, reputation, and customers. Call centers can ensure that your customer service is professional, creating opportunities for your business.
Here are five ways that a call center can help grow your business.

Gain and Retain Customers

Missed calls are a leading cause of lost business. When someone calls your phone line, they want to speak to a representative immediately. If potential customers are placed on hold for a long time, or if a current customer cannot reach you “after hours,” they may hang up and take their business elsewhere. A call center can provide 24/7 service that can handle large volumes of callers.

Save Costs

Doing your own customer service usually isn’t cheap. You need a good number of employees to handle peak periods, as well as all the proper training and technology necessary. The costs add up. A call center is usually vastly cheaper than an in-house operation. They will supply you with a professional team at a fraction of the cost, so you don’t have to worry about paying for employees, their associated benefits, or the training programs they will need.

Ensure a Professional Reputation

The image your business presents is important. Call centers employ trained professionals who know how to conduct proper customer service. However, for smaller businesses, a call center can also make your business appear to be a lot bigger than it is in reality. Having dedicated receptionists and customer service reps answer your phone can give the impression of a bustling, large office or workforce. Clients and customers like to do business with established companies. So presenting that image is important.

Improve Efficiency

Good customer service involves a lot more than answering calls. Call centers have advanced technology and efficiency measures which allow you to more effectively deal with customers and increase sales. Incoming calls can be prioritized based on their level of importance; turnaround times can be improved; and follow-ups and outgoing calls can be organized and executed.

Broaden Your Customer Base

When your business is growing, you want to be able to provide service to a wide range of customers. Call center services can include multilingual support in a variety of different languages, broadening your customer base and ensuring that you can serve customers that your competitors cannot. Having multilingual service is also great for the reputation of your business, as it shows that you care about serving smaller communities.

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