5 Non-Monetary Incentives for Employees

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Incentives for EmployeesMost managers think that if you give your employees raises and bonuses, it will benefit their productivity. However, for many agents, non-monetary incentives can be just as effective as monetary incentives. 3C Contact Services tells their partners that if they want their agents to better meet goals and objectives, they should offer them the following non-monetary incentives in addition to the more traditional raises and bonuses:

Provide Learning Opportunities

You doubtlessly employ the best and brightest employees, and smart people need mental stimulation to stay motivated; if they feel as though they are stalled at your organization, they may start seeking better opportunities. Challenge employees and provide them with new opportunities while letting them have access to training materials and an opportunity to learn new techniques and advance their skills.

As a manager, you should also have an “open door” policy and provide access to mentors; this will help mentors to train new hires. Experienced employees and new hires will both benefit with such an arrangement, as it provides them an opportunity to share any knowledge, questions, and concerns with each other.

Say Thank You

Showing your agents some appreciation for their efforts is one of the best non-monetary incentives for employees. People like to be recognized for their achievements and what they accomplished, so if an agent has improved in their performance, made a big sale, signed on a major client, or exceeded expectations, let them know their efforts were appreciated. Awards for accomplishments are a similar way to offer your agents encouragement.

Give Them More Responsibility

As a manager, it can be difficult to step back and let your agents fly solo. However, no one likes a “helicopter boss” and one of the best non-monetary incentives you can give your agents is more responsibility.

They may make mistakes, but skilled agents learn from failures, so let them act on their own while finding a way to limit any potential mistakes. Your agents should be able to come up with creative solutions and learn along the way; you just need to create a way for your agents to test their skills that won’t affect your organization should they make a mistake. And if you need to come to the rescue, don’t hesitate to do so, but offer criticism in a constructive manner.

Make Work Fun

Find ways to make the work entertaining and to celebrate your coworkers’ success. Encourage them to interact with their fellow agents, but not to the point where it’s a distraction; if there’s an emotional connection with their colleagues, this can be one of the greatest non-monetary incentives.

Help Them to Grow

While some agents may be fine with working the same position over the long-term, just as many may become bored and fatigued quickly, which can be problematic because call centers tend to attract people with energetic and outgoing personalities. Give your workers opportunities to grow personally and professionally; there are a number of resources available for managers looking to do this. Take an interest in your agents’ growth and take time to nurture them.


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