3C Contact Services Weighs in on Tech Companies Scoring Low in Customer Satisfaction

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3C Contact Services (www.3CContactServices.com), North America’s premier cost-effective provider of contact center solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, is weighing in on tech companies scoring low in customer satisfaction.

A recent poll conducted by Consumer Reports found that tech companies consistently scored lowest in customer satisfaction. Both computer tech support and phone/Internet providers were among the lowest-rated fields when it came to their customer service. (Source: “Tech companies rate low in customer service satisfaction,” wral.com website, September 28, 2015; http://www.wral.com/consumer-reports-readers-share-best-worst-customer-service-experiences/14918703/).

“Tech companies are part of a growing and innovative field, but these results show that there’s still a lot of work to do in terms of the customer experience,” says Damian Reyes, Customer Service Manager at 3C Contact Services. “Customer service is a core part of any business that wants to be successful.”

Consumer Reports found that some of the most frequent complaints concerned being disconnected from calls or not being able to speak directly with someone over the phone.

“Even with the Internet and new technology, consumers still want to be able to speak with a real person on the phone when they’re having a problem,” says Reyes. “Not only do people want to know their complaints are being heard, but they also often have issues that cannot be resolved by an automated voice response system or an online FAQ. It’s important that they speak to an actual person.”

Another common complaint that Consumer Reports found was rude or unprofessional customer service.

“A dismissive customer service rep can end up costing a company customers,” notes Reyes. “It’s important that customer service is conducted by professionals and that customer service representative roles are filled with qualified individuals. A good customer service representative can turn a bad problem into a positive experience for a consumer.”

The report also noted the tech companies which stood out from the field and performed exceptionally well, including Apple and Virgin America.

“It is no surprise that companies which have very positive brand images also have good customer service,” says Reyes. “Customer service is one of the key factors consumers take into consideration when making big purchases, such as computers or airline tickets.”

While a lot of tech companies are getting a failing grade from consumers, Reyes believes there’s a silver lining for smaller companies in any field. “For small- and mid-sized businesses, good customer service is a great way to gain some leverage on some of the big companies which just aren’t meeting customer service standards.”

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