How 3C Contact Services Helped a Little-Known Music Healing Project Become a Worldwide Phenomenon

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3C Contact Services to improve business

We’ve always known about the healing powers of music. It can help you get through some of the hardest experiences of your life. But did you know that certain frequencies of sound can also help improve your concentration, boost your brain power, as well as relieve physical and mental pain?

That’s exactly what one Christian musician discovered when he first met a talented piano player in a coffee shop in Jerusalem many years ago. Together, they created a seven-disc set of some of the most hauntingly melodic and beautiful sounds you’ll ever hear, all of them inspired by the ancient Psalms of David. Naturally, after releasing the disc set, the project started building up a steady stream of followers online.

But success didn’t necessarily happen overnight. It took a great deal of hard work, tenacity, compassion, and above all, a great marketing plan that was directed toward the right audience.

3C Contact Services to improve business

Problems to Overcome

Once the music project started taking off and more and more people started showing an interest in the product, it became evident that they needed a team of expert customer service representatives to handle the business side of things. This included taking orders, answering customer inquiries, handling shipping requests, fulfilling refunds, and creating promotional content to help spread the word about this powerful healing music.

3C Contact Services came to the rescue. We worked tirelessly to come up with viable customer service solutions that would aptly serve the needs of this business. Ultimately, it was getting to be too time-consuming and expensive for the project’s creator to handle the back-end operations of his business and continue making great music, recording, and touring.

How 3C Contact Services Helped Them Reach Their Sales Goals

With our help, this little-know music healing project was able to reduce their operational costs, ensure that all their customers’ needs were being properly taken care of, and increase their bottom line so that they could continue doing their spiritual work.

Over the past two to three years, 3C Contact Services has saved this business nearly 15% on their bottom line and has improved their answer rate at the service level significantly to 95%, all while keeping their average call duration under control. A typical customer service call shouldn’t last more than two to five minutes, unless there’s a specific problem that needs to be handled with greater care. 3C’s call center agents always demonstrate exceptional courtesy and kindness when speaking to customers on the phone and we never try to rush a call for the purpose of minimizing call times.

As an added level of convenience for the customer, we also provide extensive services via e-mail and live chat. We are proud to say that our contact center solutions have proven to be invaluable in helping this brand grow and we look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.

If you have any questions about how 3C Contact Services can help you improve your business and customer service practices, please feel free to contact us today!