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King Arthur’s Guide to Being a Better Leader

King Arthur’s Guide to Being a Better Leader

Steven July 29th, 2014

King Arthur’s exploits are so legendary that he’s still remembered over 1,500 years later in books and movies. He led England against invading Saxon invaders in the early sixth century; the Knights of the Round Table are held up as paragons of a well-run, equal group; and Camelot, Arthur’s castle and court, is still recognized as being idyllic all these centuries later.

Though there is some dispute about whether or not Arthur’s exploits are real, business owners can still learn a lot from his feats. The fact that they still apply to modern life speaks volumes to the staying power of the legend of King Arthur.

3C Contact Services, the leading provider of outsourced call center solutions, tells their partners that they can inspire the same loyalty in their employees as King Arthur did his subjects:

  1. You must be honest: It goes without saying that a dishonest manager isn’t going to inspire a lot of loyalty in their employees. Display sincerity, integrity, and candor in all your actions. This cannot be emphasized enough; dishonest behaviour will not inspire trust.
  2. You must be intelligent: A good leader will read, study, and seek challenging assignments. They also stay on top of the latest developments in their industry, as well as keep an eye on future trends. Subscribe to trade publications, set up news alerts based on keywords related to your industry, and follow any “gurus” in your industry on social media, such as Twitter, and apply their knowledge as you see fit.
  3. You must be courageous: A good leader will have the perseverance and fortitude to complete a goal, regardless of the odds. They remain calm, cool, and collected under pressure and will instill this courage in their employees.
  4. You must be imaginative: Thinking outside the box is one of the quickest ways to find success in the business world. Business is also constantly evolving and your thinking should match this. It may require changing plans, but it will pay off in the long run. Also, challenge yourself by thinking of new and innovative solutions to problems and setting higher goals for your organization. Most importantly, be innovative; you want to set yourself apart from the herd, and what better way to do this then with something no one else is offering?
  5. Provide inspiration: A confident leader is a strong one. If you inspire your workers with your mental, physical, and spiritual stamina, they will follow your strong leadership. This will also require you to take charge as well.

If you follow these five simple rules for strong leadership, you may well become a King Arthur of the business world that people tell stories about for the next millennia!


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